Do you know that saying “things come in 3’s”?  That has happened to me this week.  Sad things unfortunately.

We just found out that a dear neighbour from our cottage has passed away at 85.  He had a wonderful life and has 6 children and 9 Grandchildren, but we will be sad not to see him again.

When we bought our “shack” on PEI, the neighbours thought we would tear it down and build a huge new cottage, I think they were pleasantly surprised when we renovated it into a beautiful little blue cottage. Kent was the 1st one over to meet the new neighbours meeting 2 of  my brother in-laws and husband while they tried to clean the tiny corpses out of the rafters (yuck!) offering the use of his well and bathroom should we need it.  Every spring he would be the 1st one over to greet us back to our wonderful cottage welcoming us home to the island, and usually the last one to see us off  in the fall since he just lived 10 minutes from the cottage. 

I remember one year I drove to the east coast with my friend Kristy, she dropped me off in Moncton and continued on to Windsor NS to visit her sister and family.  I spent a few quiet days at the cottage by myself painting furniture and trim (everything got painted!) getting some sun and enjoying the ocean.  It was quite because the MacDonald’s hadn’t arrived yet it was still early in the season, on my last day just before I had to leave to catch my plane home, down came Kent.

I spent a lovely hour having a beer with him and hearing about their “big” cottages trip across the field in winter to arrive where it stands today, and the work he was there to do today on the little cottages roof.   I remember walking back to our cottage calling my husband telling him how nervous I was about leaving a then 83-year-old Kent alone when he was planning to go up on the roof by himself. 

Number 2 on my list of 3 this week is my friend Me-Shell.  Me-Shell lives in Hawaii, in Maui to be exact.  I met her and her wonderful husband a few years ago when I took one of her Swellwomen yoga/surf retreats.  We’ve kept in touch on Facebook and email, I hope to go back 1 day soon to see her again, and do more surfing.

24 hours ago a good friend of hers went missing.  They have found her van with the keys in it at the beach but have had no sign from her in 24 hours.  It is possible that she went out surfing and drowned or was attacked.  If your by yourself out there no one would ever know what happened to you.  We’re all sending good wishes to Me-Shell for the safe return of her friend Laura.

Number 3 is the theft of a truck in Ottawa with 4 dogs in the back, a friend of mine’s friend,  the truck was last seen in Montreal and there is no indication yet of the fate of the 4 dogs.  I hope they find their way home safe and sound. 

I wonder, when things like this happen in 3’s what I’m being told to pay attention to? Loss seems to be the main lesson here, but can it really be that simple?

This morning in yoga during our meditation I had the image of my dog Cool, pop into my head, and such a wave of missing him came over me that I actually began to cry.   He’s been gone for more than 20 years but it felt like yesterday that I had lost him. 

I guess it’s all about how we cope with the loses and tragedies in our lives that build us and mold us into the humans we become, and we never really get over the loss of someone who has held a special place in our heart.

Good things can come in 3’s as well and I think 2 of my good things would be the safe return of  Laura and the 4 dogs.  I’m looking forward to hearing this good news.

Dream Big,


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