Grove Class

I take yoga 2 mornings a week.  I love it, it gives me a work out as well as calming my mind but Thursday night I tried something a little different.

A friend of mine teaches a class called “Grove sensations” it’s a high energy dance type class where the instructor “leads” you through movements to get your heart rate up but you can do anything you want.  It was invented by a Nike instructor Misty Tripoli and she’s slowly been expanding the grove method to instructors all over North America.  

Oonagh is the teacher on thursday nights at the fit2dance studio – I’ve known her since she was born, I looked after her and her brother & sister when they were young and her mom took care of me when I was little.  Our families are linked by my father and her grandfather who were best friends growing up in Parkdale in the 30’s & 40’s.  It’s amazing for me to see this beautiful young woman who is now about to start her own family and remember that sweet baby who used to wake up and pull my hair through the bars of her crib in the morning.

Oonagh comes from a long line of dancers her Grandfather and Grandmother were dance instructors and studio owners, her Grandmother still teaches dance, her mom was a fitness instructor so it doesn’t surprise me that her own journey into fitness has taken her into a dance like workout.  She’s been trying to get me to come to this for a few months  and I finally mentioned it to Emma so off we went.

We arrived at the studio at the start of a snow storm, we wanted to be a little early to get the lay of the land, Oonagh was the 1st person we saw when we walked in giving us both a huge welcoming hug.  When we entered the fairy light lit studio there was 1 other student – Meg, Oonagh’s friend.  Though people had signed up I guess the snow scared them off.  It was just the 3 of us students.

For the next hour we jumped, swayed, bounced, sassy walked (my fave!) and generally had a great time. We were sweating by the end, we definitely got a work out but most importantly we were laughing and feeling good.

I woke up a little sore yesterday, Emma told me her calves were a little stiff but we both agreed that we’ll try it again.  Misty Tripoli is coming to town next week and is teaching some of the classes and holding a mini convention if your interested I’ll include the link to the studio check it out.  I’m thinking about friday…….it’s a good night to dance!

Grove on!  


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One Response to Grove Class

  1. Mary Anne says:

    I can SO see you doing a sassy walk!

    Mary Anne

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