Made for this!

I’m sure that anyone who writes a blog is writing about the Olympics this morning.  Not to be out done I thought I’d do a little bit as well. I’m really going to miss watching the games, for the past two weeks we’ve thrown ourselves into the excitement watching our wonderful athletes strive for metals some just striving to become better at what they do, incredibly inspiring.  

They train for 6-8 hours per day, there are days I can’t even get myself out the door for a 30 minute walk around the park! It is incredible to me the dedication and the shear will these people have.  You want to cry for those that don’t make the metals or those that are not acknowledged by the press, they have worked just as hard as their team mates but it all comes down to that 23 seconds of their life.

Like most of Canada I found myself in front of the TV yesterday afternoon, 3pm Toronto time, waiting to see how our Canadian Men’s Hockey team would fare, especially since the Women’s Team got the gold a few days earlier.   I’m not a huge hockey fan so it was as much as a surprise to me that even though my husband had to work for 2 of the periods (he made it home just at the end of the 2nd period) I turned on the TV and started to watch.  I enjoy Olympic Hockey, everyone seems to be working a little harder to get that metal and the pride of their nation. 

The Canadian Men started out strong scoring 2 goals right off the bat, the US coming back with their 1 goal the heat was on! It was an exciting game, and unbelievable when the US tied it up in the LAST 24 seconds!!! But the wonder kid Sydney Crosby came through for us and scored the winning goal – “He shoots he scores” talk about the crowd going wild!  Final score 3-2 Canada.

It was incredible to see our flag raised once again and what was even more incredible is that it was the exact same order that the Women’s teams had been in.  The US Women received a silver and Finland the Bronze.  Watching the speed skating, skating, bobsled, skelton, luge, all the skiing it is truly amazing to see the talent we have in this country.

I don’t think that Canada will be accused of not being patriotic again the whole nation was watching the games, the “swag” that they put out for the public to buy was hard to get. I have a pair of the Vancouver 2010 mitts I wanted a scarf but they shipped all the stock out to BC. Oh well, I’ll treasure my mitts! My husband was teasing me the other day I got out of my car to brush off the snow, when I got back in he remarked that I must be trying to save my mitts since I’d left them in the car while I brushed it off.  Well, in my defence they are very pretty!

Everywhere we looked there were signs of Canadians supporting our athletes hopefully the Paralympics will have as much support.

I was very impressed with our athletes, the way that even when they didn’t win they were congratulating the other competitors and supporting them.  That doesn’t mean that we didn’t take our bows when we had the chance, I just think a great deal of showmanship was displayed.  It made me VERY proud to be a Canadian.  Not to mention that we kicked butt in the metals!!!

Well back to life for the next 2 years ’til the summer Olympics, and 4 to the next Winter ones – but I think these will always be the  ones we hold dear in our hearts, the ones where we proved that we do have National Pride and that we won 14 gold metals on home soil, 1st time ever winning gold on home soil – 26 metals in total and that we are “Made for this”!

Dream Big,


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