Good day sunlight!

Music is a huge part of my life, I’m never without my iPod, I have songs that remind me of everything and I drive my husband nuts listening to them over and over again. It’s really bad when I remember an old song then become obsessed with it and listen to it ad nauseum!

When I was a kid I was part of  this experimental class called Aural, a few of us would go a few times a week to a little room in the corner of the Upper Level where for an hour at a time we would listen to classical music piped in through individual headphones.  The theory was that if your brain thought more with one side than the other that listening to this music would build a bridge, helping  to access each side of your brain with greater ease.  Apparently I was (and probably still am) a right-brained thinker, which means I have a harder time accessing the logical side of my brain, mainly math, no argument there!

I remember learning how to lace up the quarter- inch machines (my 1st experience with my future profession!) with that days composer,  you would sometimes know who was playing and sometimes you would just be told which feed to plug into not knowing who you would be listening to.  To this day I recognize a lot of classical music and have no idea who the composer is or what the name of the music is because of this class.

Of course as you get older music becomes a huge part of who you are. As a teenager, your parents think it’s noise, you live and breath your favorite band (I was a confirmed Duranie) can’t imagine ever NOT listening to them.  Then something happens, you grow up, your tastes in music refine to classical bands and you sometimes forget  your devotion to that band  you lived and breathed. Until one day your listening to an oldies radio station and on comes a song from that band.  Your instantly thrown back into that time of teenage angst with the good and bad things that happened.

As a funny aside, when I was a teenager one of the bands I listened to was Rod Stewart, my mother used to yell at me to and I quote (but for some reason my quote buttons aren’t working this am) TURN THAT NOISE DOWN!! end quote – one day a few years ago she put on this CD and told me that she’d discovered this great singer had I heard of him, Yup, you guessed it, Rod Stewart!  He had done an oldies album with a big band and she was asking me to turn it up!!! AH the irony!!

Now I’m not saying that I’m back to being a Duran Duran fan – although I do like the band and have a few of their songs on my playlists my point is that music can affect the way you live your life.  I always have music playing in the back ground.

This morning was a rare one in our house, my husband who has been working  non stop since the beginning of January didn’t have to be into work until 11am – oh bliss! We could treat this morning like a mini weekend, we slept in til 830 and I decided that I would go to the local french bakery and get us some croissants.  It is one of  those beautiful just before spring days here, the sun is shining brightly it’s not to cold out the sky is bright blue no clouds in sight – gorgeous!

I found it appropriate that the song playing on my iPod as I walked through our park was Jason Mraz Who Needs Shelter.  If  your not familiar with this song it is a beautiful ode to our sun. It starts off with the phrase

Good day sunlight I’d like to say how truly bright  you are, you don’t know me but I know you, see your my favorite star . 

I have a whole play list that is music for the sun and how beautiful it is – it’s amazing to me how this song can just make me happy and how it feels like Jason was sitting in my park when he wrote it. 

Music can raise your spirits, send  you back to a time when you were happy or sad, your 1st kiss may have been to a song or that really bad breakup, it reminds you of good times with friends or can become the current sound track to you life.   I find the new music I listen to in weird places since I don’t listen to the radio very often. I find that movies, TV, surfing and even the yoga studio have become my source for what has become my sound track.  

One of the Oracle cards that I have is called Music for Manifesting, I’m not sure if it works but I’m willing to give it a chance especially if it raises my mood and makes my day lighter and brighter.  If you don’t already, consider picking out a play list that speaks to something that makes you happy like my sunshine sunrise list (which I’m happy to pass along if anyone would like!) I think you maybe surprised how much the music can help your day!

Have a wonderful sunny day!  


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One Response to Good day sunlight!

  1. Mary Anne says:

    I am an iPod addict. Can’t live without my playlists and a thousand songs at my fingertips. Helps tremendously with insomnia. Sleepless hours are much better spent with beautiful music playing. Long walks set to just the right music can be amazing!

    Mary Anne

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