Morning Practice

Good Morning!! It’s another beautiful day here, although I didn’t think that at 6am.  With only 3 hours sleep I reluctantly got out of bed for my morning yoga class. 

For some reason at 3am this morning my eyes popped open and I couldn’t for the life of me get back to sleep – even Prairie who can usually purr me back to sleep wasn’t working ( incidentally if your not allergic to cats I highly recommend the ones who seem to know when your awake and need the help getting back to sleep they usually work like a dream!).  At 530am I did manage to drop into some kind of non REM sleep – where I dreamed that I had lost my bag with all my clothes in it and had to find it before I could go anywhere and of course I was late.  Why do dreams like that always seem to make you more tired?

At 630 I stepped out my back door to the day just waking up – the sky in the east streaked pink with the morning sun beginning to rise the air was crisp but not too cold and behind me, the moon was still shining  – I love mornings like these when no on is up and the world seems like it’s brand new and the day feels full of promise.

At the yoga studio it was quiet every one seemed to be tired this morning.  Pat our teacher has been working down the Chakra points with us, the 1st weeks were spent on the asanas.  We’ve hit the 3rd chakra, one which I feel she takes great pleasure in teaching since it’s all about core – yes even in yoga  you do sit ups and push ups, oh, they might be disguised as something fancy and be called something you don’t recognize but all the same they are still sit ups and push ups!

Pat began to lead us through the moves, I’ve mentioned before that she takes us in and out of the poses in a different way every week but this week she seems fond of making us do plank pose from the ground up (push up!).  She had us all laughing this morning because some people weren’t doing the push so she was trying to explain it and couldn’t figure out why we were all laughing – she makes it sound and look so easy that some of us were laughing at how blase she was! I think we gave her bit of  a complex she was a little paranoid when we were packing up wondering why we had been laughing at her.

Even though I’ve only had about 3 hours sleep I’m feeling good because of the yoga class.  I find that I’m a much happier person and feel better about myself when I do yoga I also have a ton of energy to get through my day.  I’m sure I’ll crash later on this afternoon but that’s ok I’ll get a good nights sleep and do my practice tomorrow morning and feel good again.

When Emma and I went to the home practice class a few weeks ago, one of the exercises that they had us do was write down 10 reasons why we didn’t do our practice at home – what stops us and then 10 reasons for doing it.  They told us that 1 list would be easier to write – they were right! My con list is longer than the pro list.  I’ve tried to stick to my home practice and if I waver I check my list and try to remind my self why I love to do this.  **

I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for 10 years now and I always feel better when I’m doing it, there was a time when it was impossible for me to get on my mat after years of being on it every day, but I’ve always found a way to get back on it eventually.  These morning classes make me get on the mat whether I want to or not – sure it would be easy to sleep in and not go but then it’s me that it hurts I’m the 1 who spent the money on the class and I’m the one who won’t get the benefit of the class for the day. 

 The end of April will be my last morning class ’til the fall – we’ll start going to the cottage and spending time there so I won’t be around for the studio classes however I’m counting on the fact that the classes  have laid down a solid base of routine for me again, 17 weeks of classes….and of course at the cottage, I’ll have the ocean to do yoga with!



** if you’d like to see my pro/con list I’ve included it the “playlist” heading

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2 Responses to Morning Practice

  1. Emma says:

    I did my practice today. I thought about my “con” list and I decided that even though I REALLY didn’t want to, I would at least do some!

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