It’s a cats life

My husband works so much that he’s actually jealous of our cats.  He keeps saying how he’d like to live their life for just a day (I’m thinking he might need a month!).  But that comment really hit home yesterday as it was another beautiful day here in Toronto and he was off to work ….. again on a sunday. 

The girls (aka the cats) and I headed outside around noon – there’s still a small pile of snow on our back deck and of course the pile of leaves from the big ash tree but that didn’t stop us.  Our back yard, and I use the term loosely – we live downtown Toronto our back yard is basically a deck and a path that runs along side our house to the parking pad – is very small we’ve “puddy-profed” it since our cats are indoor girls. Our back yard faces east so we get all that beautiful early morning sunshine – which until noon there was none of – and it stays on the deck until 130ish this time of year. 

We have two cats, and they’re both getting older, Tabitha will be 16 this year and Prairie will be 12.  They’re not the escape artist they used to be when they were kittens so I trust them on the back deck.  It started with Tabitha, she wanted to sit in the sun. When I opened the door, I realized that it wasn’t too cold out, I fired up the swanky coffee machine we have made myself a latte and joined her in the sun.

What bliss that was! So early in the season to be able to sit outside with no coat, no shoes (socks only) being warm in the sun.  I had music playing softly in the kitchen – appropriately the sunshine/sunrise playlist (told you I have music on all the time!) I could hear the birds singing and playing, the dogs in the park behind our house were barking  joyfully….gotta feel for the owners the sun maybe shining but the park is still a muddy mess, I’m sensing  that there was a lot of doggie baths last night! I could hear my neighbours moving around in their backyards the city is beginning to wake up from the winter.  It didn’t take long for Prairie to join us to soak up the rays. I think cats have the right idea, sitting in a sunpatch is not only beneficial since you get a dose of vitamin D but being warm for the 1st time in months can make you very happy. 

I remember a few years ago my friend Kari, mentioning that when she and her family lived in Scotland, some mornings, after her girls left for school, she would take her coffee and drive down the road to a car pass. This one happened to be in a large sun patch and she would spend time drinking her coffee and enjoying the sun. Much to the amusement of her neighbours. Of course studies have been done that say how good being in the sun is for both mood and health, I couldn’t agree more!

When we finally get the cottage open, sometime in May, the girls will go with us – they’ve taken to cottage living in their own unique ways. Our cottage is very small and since they do not generally get along with each other (Tabitha doesn’t like ANYONE except for my husband and me and only because we know where the can opener is!) they’ve learned to accommodate their routines to fit cottage living and each other. 

Tabitha takes over the living room – we have an 8 foot sliding screen/glass door that looks out onto the ocean and from the morning when I get up til we go to bed it is open and sun is streaming in – sunpatches galore along with birds and smells and sounds that are totally new to a city raised cat plus loads of places to curl up and take a nap in. 

Prairie is a little more timid but has taken cottaging to a whole new level, at 9 am if my husband is not out of bed she makes it her mission to get him up, she’ll literally meow him out of bed, gradually getting louder and louder until he can no longer stand it and gives in and gets up (we think she must have a Siamese ancestor since she seems to be able to access that loud call they are famous for – no one can withstand it!) when he does get out of bed she immediately jumps in and crawls under the covers.  I have become incredibly good at making the bed around the lump in the middle!

In the afternoon they both move to the bed room – there is a window that is fairly low and when its open it’s level with the bed – they both lounge, together, in front of the window – by now the sun has started to move in the sky and since we face south we do get sun all day but it does travel and the bedroom window faces west – from this vantage they can take advantage of the west sun and the birds seem to play just outside the window.

This routine seems to work for them I had very mellow cats when we finally came home last summer.  This year I’m hoping they can pass some of that along to my husband, I bought him a hammock a few years ago for his birthday – I’d like to find a place near the ocean where he can get a little sun and nap after Prairie throws him out of bed, where he can have their life for a while….course we have to build a new deck this year and we still have to put up the shelves in the kitchen and there are a million little details still to finish……. I hope we can still find the time to enjoy the sunpatches.

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2 Responses to It’s a cats life

  1. Nikki says:

    Sounds wonderful! Great weather here too and Polly has been following the Sun as well, what joys to be a cat!!

  2. Mary Anne says:

    I think you are one of the main reasons I got a cat – and I love her! She is in my lap right now purring as I type this. Best pet ever!
    Mary Anne

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