Happy Anniversary

Today is my husband’s and my 19 anniversary.  19 years!! Wow! I can’t believe that its been that long it certainly doesn’t feel like it. 

It’s also my friend Nikki’s (who lives in London England) birthday today and her and her husband Mark’s Anniversary. I think they’re up ’round 22-23 years.  Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to them. Nik, believe it or not your package is going in the mail this week.

My husband and I met at work.  I was the scheduling coordinator for a busy studio and he was a new and very much-needed recordist.  I couldn’t wait for him to start work – I had too much scheduled and no one to actually do the jobs. We started dating 2 weeks after he began working there.  We had a whirl-wind romance culminating with me moving in with him 3 months after we met, and the rest as they say, is history. 

Like every couple we’ve had our ups and downs.  I get a giggle out of my girl friends whenever I explain to them that we had to learn to argue with each other.  I am an Aries and therefore, you know when I’m pissed, I’ll tell you at the top of my lungs! Once I do, I’m good.  My sweetie on the other hand is a Virgo – they like to stew about things and 3 days later, after they’ve given you the silent treatment for all the yelling, they hit you with the argument.   Over the years we’ve learned that if I’m willing to put up with 3 days of stewing (which I have NO patience for)  which will happen after I’ve yelled, than my point must be important and a compromise is reached.   Although I have to say we really don’t argue anymore, there is sniping occasionally but really we like each other and get along.  We really didn’t even argue when we were working on the cottage reno – although there was that one “conversation” about the ladder.

We’ve been all over the world, had amazing adventures, and have a great life together.  He was my rock when my mother was dying, he was there when my Aunt died last year, he can talk me down from a panic attack like no one else, knows what to say to make me laugh, he  knows me better than anyone…. he’s my best friend.  

He works such long hours that I make jokes about auditioning for a part-time boyfriend to keep me company, when asked about this his  response is  “I’ll start to worry when she stops talking about it”, the theory being that if I stop talking about it then I’m serious about getting one and he should worry.

I like to tell him that I still like him, which I think is important since after all this time it’s pretty amazing that I do!  I’m a firm believer in telling people you love them. That old adage about walking out your front door and getting hit by a bus I think was imbedded into me by my grandmother, that and wear clean underwear, in case that bus hits you.

It’s amazing to me that I’ve spent almost half my life with this man, there are days when I wonder why? shoes at the back door that I trip over or stub my toe on, the milk on the counter, late nights at work which make him grumpy, or he’s half way around the world, but then he calls me or comes home and I know why, I love him.

Happy Anniversary Honey!


Samantha  xo xo

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5 Responses to Happy Anniversary

  1. Emma says:


  2. Nikki says:

    Raised my Sangria glass to you both tonight, Happy Anniversary. Great talking today. x

  3. Mary Anne says:

    I wore brand new underwear in Toronto because there are so many busses!

    May your joys in life only increase!

    Mary Anne

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