I had a wonderful weekend, a lovely dinner with friends on Saturday night at Le Select Bistro which could have been air lifted directly from Paris and put down in Toronto – the only thing missing was the nonchalant waiting staff of Paris.  We had a wonderful meal, I won’t subject you to another restaurant review but the link is on my blog and their menu is listed check it out for yourself I highly recommend it.

My cousins dropped in for a quick visit, I love it when they come, not only am I forced to clean up my house (to get to our bathroom  you have to walk through our bedroom so I have to make the bed – breaking my “I don’t make the bed on weekends” policy) but I get to catch up with two of my favorite people and to hear about the newest member of our family, their grandson the “Cutie Pie”.

Yesterday was also the aforementioned Baby-shower/going away party.  I embraced my ‘inner-girl” and I had a great time. Which is unusual since baby showers can be a pain for people you know, never mind going to ones where you don’t know anyone.   I was greeted by Sally, the mom to be, the only person I knew, with a big hug….well as big as she can give under the circumstances, her son is due in a month! Quickly given a glass of wine, introduced to 1 person and then we were left on our own.  It turns out that a lot of the women at this party didn’t really know each other so we were all in the same boat.  A lot of us were in the film and TV industry which gave us a basis to start from and the hostess had games to play which broke the ice.

We started with pass the package, Sally’s mom started it, throwing a large blue bundle into the crowd the music blaring in the back ground (manned by the only Man at the party – one of the hosts!) “pass it around” she was yelling so around the package started, stopping in a surprised woman’s arms as the music ended – a small aside, you really shouldn’t do this game if you have a drink  in your hand as 1 startled woman found out when the package was launched at her and her drink was spilt all over her beautiful sweater! The outside layer was peeled off and a small package and an envelope dropped out the deal was if you answered the question on the outside of the envelope correctly the small package was  yours to open and keep and if there was a 2nd question inside you could win $5 US, if you couldn’t answer either of the questions the prizes went to who ever could. Layers began to fall off the package making it easier to handle….lots of laughing…. I never did find out what was in the centre package but fun was had by all.

There was a baby food tasting game – which no one entered, big surprise, a Rhyme game – which no one did either….the only other game that some one answered and won was a jar of Hershey’s kisses – how many were in it. 

I think the best part was seeing all the gifts being unwrapped – they all had to be small and portable since she’s moving to Paris in 10 days – there were loads of onezies, and beautiful sweaters and blankets that had been hand knitted especially for her or him I should say.  I loved 1 of the gifts that Sally’s mom gave her – she had saved the curtains from her daughters nursery and had a large nursing pillow made from them – it was beautiful! The fabric was filled with bunnies and butterflies and was yellow and grey, good for the little boy about to be born.  Just the fact that her mom had kept them and had this beautiful gift made, giving something to Sally that was a part of both of them and now a part of Sally’s son, was wonderful.

I made a few new friends at the party, we did the email/cell phone exchange and I am looking forward to learning more about them. As I mentioned I just met Sally a few months ago, I don’t know her very well but I really like her and am disappointed that our friendship will now have to continue via Facebook. 

Sitting in the back of the room yesterday, the only place to perch, I looked around at the friends and family”ooing” and “ahhing” over all the adorable things that she was unpacking and realized that it doesn’t matter that she’s moving far away.  I now have a new friend that is beginning a new phase in her life and because technology has made the world such a small place, I get to be a part of it. 

Best of all, I was right, the first 10 minutes of the party were a little nerve-wracking but after that I found the other women friendly and open and I had a wonderful time.  

I can’t wait to visit the new family En Paris!

Dream Big,


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