Springtime Resolutions

“I believe that it’s taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.”

We put our clocks a head 1 hour the other night, signaling that the days are getting longer, although officially spring doesn’t start until the 20th of March (my sister-in-laws birthday) we are beginning to feel the spring effect. 

The squirrels are running around outside trying to gather what they need to build a nest – I saw one run by me the other day with pink fiberglass in his mouth – no doubt from our attic – it’s amazing how the city squirrels have adapted to city living!  The scent of spring – usually dog poop, has gone now thanks to the past 3 days of rain.  The sun is shining a little longer each day and the wind has a warmer feel to it. 

Of course, here in Canada, we have a saying for March in like a lion out like a lamb – it came in like a lamb this year so I’m not holding my breath that it won’t go out with the roar of the lion. I think we’re due for at least one more snow dump, mother nature likes to keep us on our toes.

Tax time is also right around the corner and I find myself digging around on my desk looking for tax receipts from the past year trying to figure out if they’re “usable” or not.

Spring is my favorite time of year, I  like the other seasons but spring is my favorite, it might have something to do with the fact that I’m a spring baby.  I love the uncertainty of the weather keeping us on our toes the whole time, the thunderstorms or even the days of gentle rain, just to hear it tapping on the windows or the roof is very soothing.  The surprise days of sun and warmth where you can walk in the park and start to see the crocus and daffodils beginning to pop up.  The birds are all excited and the ones that flew south are starting to come back.  One day last week I swore I could hear a mourning dove, my favorite bird, calling out to see who was around.  I love that we can start spending time out side without being bundled up like polar bears and I love that everything is coming out of winter and opening up to another glorious year. 

It’s also the time that I start to look at my house with a very critical eye, seeing all the junk that’s being collected throughout the winter seeing the heavy curtains and rugs that have been collecting dust and blocking out the sun for so many months.  Like the tag line on this blog, living simply has become a new mantra for lots of people including myself and a “clean enviroment” and “clean eating” are the new go-to words.

Although they are trendy, there is still merit to them, getting rid of things you don’t need either by donating them or selling can make you feel good about your enviroment plus can help someone else have something “new” in their life. 

Eating clean has become a very new mantra, for a few years now I’ve been adding organic things into our lives and getting back to “real” food has also been a goal.  It’s not easy since organic items can sometimes be more expensive than the “unorganic” but there is something to buying local and trying to eat better.

The farmers market at the top of my street should get rolling around the begining of May. This year after reading Michael Pollan’s book “Food Rules” ,I”m going to try to change our eating habits even more.  Even when we go to the cottage there is a small  farmer’s organic market every saturday in the Village of Cardigan, as well  Fortune Organics has a box program that I’m going to sign up for.   We are meat eaters and there’s no way that’s going to change but we can decide to be more responsible meat eaters by choosing organic and even add more vegetarian days to our weekly schedule. 

I find it ironic that even though New Years resolutions are traditional in January, I seem to make more in the spring time.  More walking  & swimming for my health, more yoga to combat stress and for toning, eating more veggies and trying not to eat anything my great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food (good-bye cheesies!).  Along with my intention setting I think I’m finally becoming the person I’m ment to be….now if I could just get a little extra cash in the mix……

Happy Spring cleaning!


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2 Responses to Springtime Resolutions

  1. Nikki says:

    DITTO!! I’ve actually gone one step further and allowed my feet to breath in the 15oC British sunshine today and worn my Birkenstocks!! I’ve been cooking tasty, fresh and feel good Spanish food and boy have I been noticing the winter dust in my house….Spring has sprung!

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