Insight to Blogging

One of my cousins remarked to me that by reading someone’s blog you get more insight into that person.  I thought what a really great observation that was, I hadn’t thought of it that way. You do learn more from reading someone’s blog than an email or even having a conversation with them.

I have a few friends who’s blogs I read, the “Yes Turns” blog,  is a very old, good, high school friend of mine, Mary Anne.  We hadn’t seen each other for years (“Friendships”) and even though we email and keep up on Facebook, I find out about her daily life in her blog.  The little things that she wouldn’t put in an email, the menusha so to speak.  It’s almost like being back to seeing her every day (she’s much better at writing everyday than I am!) I’m really enjoying this peek into her daily life and mood.

I find when I re-read my blog it’s like this as well.  If I’ve had a great yoga class I’m right here telling you all about it. Like yesterday, I slept so badly, I’m guessing it’s because of the time change, I was awake at 330am knowing that the alarm would go off at 615am for me to get up to go to class.  I tossed and turned but I couldn’t find that “sweet spot” that would let me fall back into REM sleep – instead I dozed and dreamed the same dream over and over. I hate that!  When the alarm went off, I was out of bed changed and out the door.  The class helped so much that I actually had a ton of energy for the rest of the day.

My friend John’s, who is a novelist/writer, blog is very political or on the current hot button topics. Usually involving literature, since that is what and who he is.   There is very little personal information about him.

Me-Shell Mijangos – Swellwomen, is all about surfing, baby!  I go to her blog and site when I’m in need of a fix – which is EVERY day but she doesn’t update every day so sometimes I have to suffer!  I can look at the pictures, read the recipes that her Swellwomen chef puts up every monday and dream about going back.

The other site I go to when I need an ocean/surfing fix is Clark Little – he’s a photographer in Hawaii and takes pics of the ocean they’re beautiful. Also, Me-Shell’s husband, Mike Adrian, is a wonderful wedding photographer in Maui.  Every so often I drop in on his site to see the beautiful pics he takes and read a little about his life.

Each blog gives me a little something that I need in my day to make me happy.  I’m enjoying writing mine and exploring this new world.  I’m incredibly surprised that not only do I seem to have a lot to say (probably not a shock to some of you!) but that it’s actually being read.  Another friend had remarked that he would find it challenging to think of something to say every day, I was very worried about that as well and now have an emergency list of topics. However, I’m trying NOT to pressure myself and if I don’t have anything to say I take my mother’s advice (1st time for everything) and don’t say anything at all!

I’m hoping that by doing something like blogging, which is totally against my nature,  I can discover something new about myself.  What I have found, is that even though your telling people all sorts of personal stuff, you can do it in way that doesn’t sell your soul, and still gives a little of you, back to your readers.

Now my problem with doing this, is when my friends ask  “what’s new?”, I don’t have a good answer ’cause they’ve already read my blog!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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One Response to Insight to Blogging

  1. Mary Anne says:

    I’m loving your blog – and yes, true, it lets me know things about your life I might not get to hear otherwise. I love tuning in for more!
    Mary Anne

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