Dreams….foundations of reality

You might have read in a few posts that I have a vision board.  I have 2 actually.  My friend Emma calls them “collages” which I suppose they are, but to me and a few other friends they are the visual reminders of what we’re working towards.

My 1st  board has thing like pictures of the Eiffel Tower, beaches, shots of the ocean both calm and with waves, surfer chicks, yoga and couples walking on the beach or standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.  It also has representations of Brazil and words like “Serenity”, “Luxury” , “surfer”, and “surfs up! three months in Brazil” .  This board is pretty much done, so I decided to make a new one.  This time I decided that I wouldn’t make it permanent that I would tack the images in place so that it could be an evolving vision.

As I mentioned in 1 of my other posts, the centre picture on this board, is a surfer chick gliding down a wave in the last rays of the sun.  There are lots of pictures of people doing yoga on the beach and shots of lazy things to do on the beach….as a matter of fact there are a lot of beach shots!   The words represented on this board are “in balance“, “Free”, “Endless summer”, “follow your bliss”,  “luxury” is back, and the sentence I like the most “Dreams….foundations of reality”. 

One corner is the “messy” corner.  When I first put this board together I put an image of a beautiful room in a barn there but after some consideration I realize that it’s not a vision board thing but a decorating thing and didn’t belong.  When I took it down there was a large space which I haven’t been able to fill so I’ve used it as my revolving space.  Right now in it, there is an old 649 ticket with the words “the money” across them. I originally had “find the money” but then my friend, reminded me that the board is supposed to be a reminder of what will happen and if I leave “find” up there I’ll always be looking for the money. Good point, so “find” was cut off.

I’ve been thinking a lot of what to do with my life lately, I’ve even written an entire blog that I haven’t posted yet about following your bliss (it needs some fine tuning, I wrote it at 3am!) but vision boards are a good place to start to see what patterns recur.  There’s 1 image that I have on both of my boards, same picture, I love it so much that I actually went though magazines looking for the ad.  It’s nothing really special but it speaks to me, it’s just a white canvas tent set up on a beach with the ocean behind it.  A long table with 6 wicker lounge type chairs set up around it, no people in the shot, it looks like it’s waiting for some wonderful, exciting,  intimate meal to happen.

I’ve read stories where people have made vision boards and have put images of houses on them and then a few years later realize that they are actually living  in the house from the picture.  A lot of what is on my current board is coming true for me, I’m feeling more in balance these days, and a little freer, although I won’t be on the white sandy beaches anytime soon, I will be going back to our little red beach in the next few months.  The yoga pics are certainly happening, now if I could just get to looking like that surfer chick and find  a wave to slide down I’d be all set!

To some the concept of a “Vision board” is odd but for those of us who like to “see” what we’re working towards it’s a great tool.  I’m thinking I might have to have a “vision board” party where everyone brings magazines to cut up and we have mimosa’s and put together what we see our futures looking like…..at the very least it could be a fun afternoon. 

If your near/ in Toronto let me know if your interested in doing this, if your not, what about having a party where you are (since I got this idea from Me-Shell in Hawaii I know that it’s been done with success there!) or maybe you’d be more interested in quiet, contemplative time to figure yours out. If you’ve never done one before it’s kind of fun to be with other like-minded people and get the energy from their ideas and seeing what images jump out to you.  

Remember dreams are the foundation of reality, without them think of all the things that would never have been accomplished!

Dream Big!


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