It’s been a month


Do one thing everyday that scares you.  Eleanor Roosevelt

It has been slightly over a month since I started blogging…..I’ve really enjoyed this experience, I’m very surprised.  I really didn’t think I would.  I was nervous on what to write about and who, if anyone would read and did I actually want anyone to read?!

Since this “experiment” has begun I think my writing has improved, following a thought through to its fulfilment has always been a challenge for me, I tend to wander – going off in completely different directions!  Essay questions were always a challenge in school.  However, the advantage to this is that I can have several conversations at the same time!

I think I’m getting more cohesive, although I really have to get out more and experience some stuff.  I find that my blogs seem to be about the same type of topics, yoga, intentions, my cats, and surfing.  Time to launch into something new.  Although I’m not sure what.  In a few months you’ll be reading about the cottage.  That might be fun, with the changing vista I could post a picture with my blog of what the bay looks like every time I write, it changes every day, but we won’t be going  there for a while.  Hopefully we’ll be getting a 3G stick and I’ll have web access if not I’ll be driving into town a few times a week to post.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog I’m going to go to the Yoga Convention and Show starting tomorrow.  I’m hoping to take advantage of the free 1/2 classes they’re offering with the entrance fee.  Although it’s still yoga, it will be a new experience for me, so far I’m going alone…..also, they don’t give any background on the teachers for the free classes,  all that’s listed is a time and a name – so I’ll be experiencing different types of yoga – which could be a lot of fun and different types of teaching.  I usually do Ashtanga, which is a very vigorous flow type of yoga that gives you a very good workout, but there are tons of others so it will be interesting to experience them.

Apparently there is an app that I can link this blog to my Facebook page and every time I publish a blog it will put it on my page and let all my friends know…now that’s a scary thought! I’m going to have to ease into that one! Although, I am going to check it out – the whole point is to Break Free from everyday things, I guess I’m going to have to “pull up my big girl panties” and get on with it!

So what’s a girl to write about now? Well I’m going to have to think about it, new things, expanding my horizions….hum! Well I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what I come up with!

Thanks for reading,


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