Yoga Show and Conference

Yesterday morning (friday) I was off to the yoga show and conference.  I found  a coupon in the conference magazine which got me in for 1/2 price ($7.50) not bad.  When I entered the show room floor it was much like any other conference, with booths set up around the edges, selling all things yoga. 

In the middle of the room there was a small stage, set up with a large open area complete with carpets and little planters to define the edges.  A number of people on their yoga mats, were swaying to the music coming from the stage.  The class that was taking place was a Kirtan class – chanting.  Not really the type of class I’m into.  I decided to start with a walk around the floor to check out the booths. 

There were booths that sold books, jewelry, offers to go on yoga retreats, lots of teas and tinctures, various eco mats to practice on, and massages.  As I wandered around I saw yoga DVD’s and different programs being offered, various healing energy people and a whole section of organic hot food they were offering for sale. The most prevalent type of booth was for yoga clothes, all sorts of beautiful tops and pants even little skirts. My entire stroll around the floor was to the music in the Kirtan class. Eventually, I went to sit down in the centre section to listen to them (and rest my feet!). 

They were good, there was a drum, and a sitar and an instrument that I don’t know the name for , 2 women were chanting and 1 of the men took the lead, it was pleasant.  The next class was an acupressure class – with those tiny nasty plastic balls with little spikes sticking out all over them – I hate them!  They hurt! Actually, I think that’s the point – they’re supposed to release tension in the muscles.  He had us stand on them and release the fascia in our feet then, lie on them and do the same on our backs (the bigger ones are better for this).  Then there was a flow class which was nice, not tough, really just stretching.

I realize that my intention was to go to these classes all weekend, however now that I’ve experienced them, I think I’ll be better off doing my surf yoga & warrior workout DVD’s  at home.  Maybe next year, I’ll save up and go to some of the classes offered at the  conference, I think that’s where all the action happens.  The real classes and information are behind closed doors.

I would definitely suggest to anyone who is a beginner and interested in Yoga to go to the show. Try out some of the 1/2 hour classes and see the different products they have to offer, however if you are experienced at all, the conference classes just might be more challenging and interesting.

A good adventure though, I’d say it was definitely “Breaking Free” from the usual!



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