Earth Hour

Earth hour happened this past weekend.  My husband came home from a tough day at work, we had some dinner and watched 1/2 the movie I had rented (“The Informant” pretty good!) and at 830pm we turned out all the lights, lite candles crawled under a big cozy blanket and spent the next hour catching up on our lives. 

We talked about how much we were looking forward to going back to the cottage and what still had to be done this year, the deck, how much time he’d have in May to spend there. Whether we would take the girls if it’s only for a week – a lot of travel for our little senior citizens for only 7 days, 2 of which will be in the car.  We talked about the movie we were 1/2 way through, I was up in the air about finishing it and he was sure there was a huge twist.  Then we got around to the obvious topic at hand, Earth hour. 

It’s one of those weird things because you can’t watch on TV what everyone else is doing,  like New Years.  Unless you have an Earth Hour party – not a bad idea for next year – you don’t know if anyone else is participating until afterwards.  Also, my sweetie was saying that he can’t see how this could possibly make a difference in the grand scheme of things, he could be right, I heard later that the energy drop wasn’t significant in Toronto but this could be because everyone uses CFC’s now and they don’t use a ton of energy in the 1st place.  I think it’s become more of a statement than an energy-saving device.  It tells governments that people are serious about conserving energy and the effect we’re having on the planet.

My husband and I have begun to change the way we do things in our lives, a few years ago we changed our house over to Bullfrog energy, now they’re out in the Maritimes so our cottage will also be on Bullfrog as of this year.  The farmers market at the top of the street opens soon, I’m really looking forward to eating locally grown food again.  I’ve realized that even the magazines and books I’m reading are beginning to shift, from decoration to living a better life, “Coastal Living”, “Coast” from the UK, “Body & Soul” and of course “Yoga Journal”.  If I could only find a surf mag that is aimed at women instead of teenage boys that would top off my magazine reading.  The books are things like “Food Rules” & “In defense of Food” by Michael Pollan and “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard, don’t get me wrong there is still a healthy dose of vampire, werewolf and mystery stories in there but I’ve noticed the change.

My favorite thing about this years Earth Hour, was that I got to spend it with my sweetie.  No TV, no computers just the 2 of us catching up on lives that have been really busy for the past little while.  Of course, the girls were less than impressed, lights out to them means bed time and therefore bed time snack….there were quite a few outraged fuzzy-faced looks, but then the lights came back on and they were fed and all was right in their world.  Ah, to be them!

Dream Big,


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2 Responses to Earth Hour

  1. Emma says:

    It is amazing what can done when you remove tv’s and computers. I think that we forget that those things are not a life requirement, but an extra!

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