3 months

The feel in my yoga class this morning was lighter, everyone was chatting and laughing before we began, the sun was rising as we came in and I think it made a huge difference. Pat (our yoga teacher) is still on retreat in Mexico, returning for thursday mornings yoga class.  Lee Anne, one of the other instructors,  took over and I had a really amazing time.  It’s not that she did anything particularly different, but I found that I was going deeper into my poses, bending and twisting further.  I had time to see where my feet were landing and grounding. I’m also finding meditation a lot easier now, 10 minutes seems to go by so quickly, I guess it’s time to move up to 15 or 20.

I like it when we have different teachers, not all the time, but a sub now and again is good. You get into a routine with 1 person, even if they change things around you know what to expect, another teacher can give a whole different perspective. Working with Pat for the past 3 months and with the input from 3 other teachers over the past 2 weeks, I can see the improvement in how and what I’m doing.  I’m getting stronger and find that I can hold poses longer.  I’m actually beginning  to understanding the reasons for some movements, for example,  if I slide my shoulder blades down in Bridge Pose I can suddenly breathe.  

The sub-teachers were all doing the same asanas that Pat takes us through, but they were each concentrating on something slightly different, grounding feet, pulling legs together, animating feet, which makes each of the students do the pose in a different way.  When I’m at home, the workout is more challenging, I have to motivate myself, and then really think about what I’m going to do, since there isn’t anyone telling me where to put my feet, when to breathe and where to look.

It’s been 3 months of my morning yoga classes and I’m really enjoying them, they’ve become a constant in my life, however, other’s routines have had to change to accommodate my new one.  My husband now has to make time, two days a week, in his busy mornings to feed our cats and our cats have to wait for him to do this (not easy for 2 very impatient kitties).  They have been the slowest to adapt to this new schedule, but then cats are very routine oriented. 

They say that when you are exercising you should switch what you do every few days so that your body doesn’t get used to the same pattern, I guess that’s what happens in other parts of our lives as well.  We get so caught up in doing everything the same that we forget that by doing something slightly different it could change our outlook.

Routines can bring serenity to your life but can also leave you stagnant and immovable, unwilling to try to change.  I’m going to try to stop micro managing every step and see what happens to my day, it could be chaos but then from chaos comes organization. Maybe, it will fall a little differently, and I’ll find that I can bend deeper into the task than I could before and surprise myself.



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