“Human Target”

I am a complete dork about the show “Human Target”. I have to say how much I love this TV series. Yes it is a TV series on Fox.  Now I don’t usually review this type of thing but I was watching Wednesday nights episode and I just had to talk about it. 

This series is about a man who has a criminal past and the training he has is incredible, we get the idea that he may have been an assassin or mercenary.  He’s one of those guys that has martial arts and “everything else” training, he’s smart, sexy, and good at everything he does, and NOT 20!   I LOVE shows like this.

I’m the kind of girl whose idea of a guilty – good beach read is a new Jack Dubrul novel.  Adventurous, shameless, good guy with a high moral constitution.  Who is good at everything, including getting himself in situations where he has to save everyone and always does, that is my favorite type of book.  You know it’s going to be  the same formula, guy gets pulled into a situation, has to out think and out wit the bad guys, be incredibly good-looking while doing this and help the people who the bad guys were harming in the first place. Happy ending for all!

“Human Target” is a lot like these books, there are 3 guys in the “team” Mark Valley plays the character “Christopher Chance” a redeemed bad guy who now uses his powers for good, he calls himself a  “death retardant specialist” .  The bigger mystery that is unfolding is how Chance came over to the “good guys”, we hear about the “Old Man”who is coming after him.  We learn a piece of the puzzle every show.  We last saw, Valley, on “Fringe” as John Scott. 

 Chi MacBride is “Winston”, ex cop and Chance’s best friend.  He and Chance have opened this business, as the last resort place to go, when the cops and government can’t or won’t help they can.  I love MacBride in this, his sense of timing and his ironic wit is perfect for this type of show.  

Jackie Earle Haley rounds out the cast as the cool nerdy guy “Guerrero” who can do and find anything.  His past is connected to Chance’s, it seems that they worked for the same “old man”.  He has a questionable moral compass,  and will do just about anything as long as it doesn’t affect his life directly.   Jackie Earle Haley is great in this role, I remember him from “The Bad News Bears” in 1976 and of course he recently played Rorschach in “Watchman”.

It’s not just the show that I love, the credits & the music are some of the best I’ve seen, I’ll actually wait for them to play before I speed through the commercials.  They have a 1970’s feel to them, and look like a watercolour painting.  Each image morphs into the next, all in hues of red, black, orange and brown, a very vintage feel.  The music that accompanies them is also great, I  find my self humming the theme song perodically throughout the day. I did mention that I was a dork about this show right?

I really look forward to Thursday mornings when after I get home from yoga, I can sit with my breakfast and watch it.  Of course with my luck, it will probably get cancelled, until then I’m going to enjoy my “guilty” pleasure of watching this great beach read come to life.

Happy Watching!


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One Response to “Human Target”

  1. Nikki says:

    Sounds like you love this show like I loved the re-runs of Everwood, so addictive!! Happy watching.

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