The Long Weekend

This weekend was wonderful! The sun shone all weekend, as a matter of fact I actually got burnt on friday because I didn’t realize how hot the sun was.  The 45 and 60 are now out of the cupboard!  This was the 1st weekend in a month and 1/2 that my sweetie had off so we tried to do all the important things. 

Friday we slept in, I went to the french bakery “Clafouti” to get croissants for our breakfast which we had with soft-boiled eggs and fruit and then we puttered around the house, enjoying the sun and the day, we went for a walk in the park, sat on bench and watched the doggies play in the sun.  We watched a movie and went to bed early, just to start a similar day on Saturday. 

Instead of a walk I talked him into going to Value Village.  I have a friend staying this week and since our apartment upstairs is empty, the bathroom reno still has to be done, we have a place for friends to stay right now but I had a little work to do for this visit.  We were given a twin bed last week, I had bought some linens but I needed a chest for clothes etc so off to VV we went.  I found a great litttle dresser for $14.99 I LOVE deals like that. It’s currently sitting on our back deck waiting for paint coat #3 by the time I’m done it will look amazing and I’ll have a dresser for $15 dollars. LOVE THAT!  I’ll finish with a quick visit to Ikea for a small throw rug and move a chair upstairs from the living room and it will be done. (Check for before and after pics of the room later this week, on my Inspired by Redesign website, link in the blogroll).  We finished that day by sitting on a patio and having a VERY late lunch and a beer, something we never seem to have time for.

Yesterday, sunday was the “big” day, once ever 4 years Greek Orthodox and our Easter coincide, this was the year.  My husband’s Uncle came up to visit for the week, who we haven’t seen in a while,  so over we went for #1 of 2 easter dinners.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining although it was cool in the shade, the lamb was on the BBQ smelling great, it was a wonderful afternoon.  The guys played “tiles” and backgammon and my sister-in-law, Christine, gave Reike treatments to all of us.  We caught up with the newlyweds, Nek & Yan, who’ve just bought their 1st place, and heard about Maria’s new job with the city of  Toronto planning garden project for kids at the community centres across the city.  We missed Kelly, Katie and George who were off doing other family things, but it was a lovely few hours.  At 430 we left there to drive to Aurora to my cousins place for easter dinner #2.

We arrived at 5pm to a house full of the smell of scalloped potatoes, basically potatoes and cheese smell wafting through out, yum! Good thing we both paced ourselves at our 1st meal! The baby was there, he’s so cute, and getting so big, and of course, he’s still not beyond barfing in his Uncle Phil’s lap, not sure when Phil will recover from that!  We had a great time catching up with everyone, it seems like we’re all so busy we never actually get to sit and talk.  We left there at 9pm full, happy and caught up with all family members.

I moan a lot when we have family things to do on short weekends, when I don’t get the time to spend with my sweetie, but this weekend was a perfect balance of time together and time with our families.  We are getting older and I was thinking out loud that we should be happy that we’re being invited now ’cause when we’re old and in the “home” we might not get the invites to the family doo’s. 

The only thing was the easter bunny seemed to have missed our house this year…..but that’s probably a good thing too!

Dream Big,


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