The past few days

I know I’ve been absent for a few days, it seems weird not to post something every day I’ve gotten so use to it.  I found this wonderful new picture for a small change to my blog, I love the imagery of the crashing waves and the woman walking so quietly.

Over the past few months my husband and I have had a few friends tell us that they are going through some serious medical issues. It’s weird that these diagnosis are now common place.   It’s now no longer a shock that someone has them, but that we can all converse so intelligently about what prognosis and treatments are, sad state of our society. I found myself sitting in Whole Foods yesterday with 2 girlfriends talking about the emergency surgery 1 of them has just had and what the outcome from this will be for her.  As we stipped our lattes and talked I felt so surreal that we were having this convesation and it was so normal.

My other friend, Kristy came to town for a doctor’s appointment, 2 nights ago, and even though she was in town for a serious reason, it was wonderful to see her.  The 3 of us went out for dinner to my new/old favorite restaurant “Le Select Bistro” and had a great time catching up and eating amazing food and just being together. 

I had spent the week before she got here rushing around trying to get the “guest” room in the apartment ready for her.  It’s still a little sparse but since she’ll be in and  out-of-town quite a bit over the next little while I’ll have time to work on it, to make it a little more cozy.  I went with her for moral support yesterday morning, unfortunately it ment that I missed my thursday morning yoga class but I felt it was important to be with her.  I won’t be able to be at her appointments every time, however, the purpose of our practice is dedicated to the well-being of all others, so it seemed like an appropriate thing to do yesterday.

It really is incredible how quickly yoga has become part of me again.  The fact that I have already paid for the morning classes gives me the incentive to get out of bed at 615, but the over all benefit of the classes keep me going.  Because I work from home, some days it seems like it’s the only time I get out of the backyard. During all the running around over the past couple of days, I’ve found myself using the techniques from yoga to get through the rushing and stress, especially when things were not going my way. 

Yesterday morning I while I was waiting for Kristy to come out of her appointment, I turned my iPod on to Mozart and found myself slipping into meditation. Yoga and meditation help my immune system, keep me flexible which keeps my body healthy.  It also teaches me how to stay calm when those “panic” attacks hit me at 3am, and apparently the Mozart will make me smarter (we’ll see).  The meditation did make my brain slow down, which at 845am was important.

I know that we’re getting older and that sickness is a part of our lives but is it possible, that illness brings you closer to your friends?  I really hope that I can be strong enough for them, that I can make them laugh and feel loved, while they go through this.  Friends are one of the best parts of  life and you know what they say, “laughter is the best medicine”.

Dream Big,


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2 Responses to The past few days

  1. Kristy Gordon says:

    and you forgot to mention (wink wink) the lovely piece of eye candy which we were treated to at PMH so early in the morning! Of course one doesn’t want such a beautiful speciment doing all those medical tests…but if a nurse/technician is going to do nasty tests to you, the least they can do is be a visual relief while you’re suffering. Mozart and a beautiful man before 9 am….was he too pretty to be straight?

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