Chaos Days

I think I’m starting to like “Chaos Days”.  These are the days that I’m not sticking to a set schedule, well some of the basic stuff still needs to be done but I like the flexibility of  the day to morph into whatever it will.  This week has had a few of them.

For instance, yesterday, I had a ton of paper work to do, I wanted to go for a swim, do some yoga, wade through the dreaded laundry pile (that was more of a necessity rather than a “want”), and there was some non-important grocery shopping to do.  Not much of this list got done,  I did  a little yoga, and I went for a swim (bought my 3 month pass, no excuse now!) my friend Victoria came swimming with me then came home for lunch, and the laundry did get done, sort of.

Lunch was a fun impromptu meal. After, while we were talking and flipping through magazines, she found a fabulous looking cookie recipe.  As my eye ran down the list of  ingredients, I realized that I actually had everything to make them.  We ended up in the kitchen baking cookies.  List be damned, cookies are way better.

In my “oracle” cards there are cards that remind me to “make a date with friends”  to “remember to play“, reminding me of its  importance.  I pull these a lot, yesterday, I realized that I was doing exactly that.  I had skipped my “need to do” chores and was in my kitchen making cookies with my friend chatting about girly stuff, it was just what I needed.  Of course, it helped that when my hubby arrived home, the house smelled of chocolate chip cookies – an excellent way to begin a weekend.

I’ve been extremely lucky this week, I’ve been able to spend an unusual amount of  time with some of my girlfriends.  I sometimes forget how much I love being with them. We get so wrapped up in our day-to-day lives that stopping and having a coffee with a girlfriend or making cookies or just hanging out can be a wonderful treat.  

I was watching the 4-year-old daughter of my friend, twirling around her grandmother’s living room the other day, totally rocking a bubblegum pink outfit.  She looked so happy, when I commented on how much I loved what she was wearing, my friend remarked that her husband thinks that their daughter has “too much pink”.  She’s a girl! Of course she has too much pink!  Boys just don’t get this, it’s in our DNA, much like boys gravitate to trucks, girls go pink.  Ok, so this might be a slight exaggeration, but honestly can a 4-year-old have too much pink?! I really don’t think so.

I believe the oracle cards intend for me to spread out my “girly” time and not pack in into one week but I have to say how much I enjoyed the time this week and as for the “chaos” days, I think they are good for me.  I spend a lot of my time running around doing things that “need” to be done, it’s good to have days to do things that just are fun.

Thanks to all my amazing girlfriends who I was able to spend time with this week, in person: Kim & Patty, Emma, Katie & Rachel, Katie’s mom Betty, Kristy and Victoria.  My girlfriends far away, who I didn’t “sit down” with but who I’ve “chatted” with this week, Nikki, Mary Anne, Kari and Ann all via email.

Pink Power! Dream Big,


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2 Responses to Chaos Days

  1. Nikki says:

    Just wish it was in person and not via email! Those cookies sound delicious!!!

    • Break Free says:

      I put the recipe up Nik if you want to try it – on its own page “chaos day cookies” the boys will love them! We used dried cranberries I didn’t have cherries.

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