Venomous Giant Frogs

Last night, we had dinner with friends, we call them our “PEI family”.  My friend and her youngest son came to Toronto to pick up her eldest son from University.  When they called, we decided to go to a buffet for dinner. This way her bottomless teenager could have as much as he’d like, her older picky eater, could find something he’d like and the adults could have a good time talking and taking our time.  It was a great evening, we caught up with the life on the island and what our friends have been doing. 

The problem I have with buffets,  is that I eat too much food.  I usually feel like I should be running behind the car on the way home to burn off some of what I ate, if I could only walk to it 1st.  With all that food in my tummy digesting, it’s no wonder I had weird dreams all night. 

Venomous giant frogs attacking us in the dark, exploding when touched, I think I spent half my night trying to get away from them.  Being yelled at for not getting the “right” picture for a beach ad campaign, I’m not a photographer and I don’t think I was in my dream either but for some reason it was up to me to get the picture. Dreams can be beautiful,  flying through oceans, or forests to lite in lands that only exist in your imagination.  They can be scary, when you’re being chased through forests or halls from your childhood schools.  Who hasn’t had the “naked” exam dream?  You know the one I’m talking about, where you show up in the school gym for the final and everyone is staring at you ’cause  you’re naked.

There were a few dreams I used to have fairly often. I know that you can look up on-line or get books that can analyse your dreams, but sometimes they have specific meaning to you.  I used to dream a lot about sharks attacking me.  I’d be hanging in the crystal blue water, the sun would be shining through, it was very tranquil, until I turned around and saw a white shark heading towards me at great speed.  Mouth open, jaws spread, eyes rolled back, it was terrifying.  Sometimes I would rise to the top of the water and start to run to take off, like birds do, I would usually manage to escape, lifting off from the water and flying away, just in time.  I could always feel the animals jaws snap shut behind me with a loud noise as he crashed back into the water.  If I didn’t get off the water in time I would wake up.  I know now that these dreams were stressed based.

I took me a while to realize what caused me to be this stressed. One night I had a dream about being on the end of a long dock, the water was deep and dark but clear enough to see to the bottom of the lake (yes I know sharks only live in salt water, it’s a dream I’m allowed creative licence) at the bottom there was  a treasure chest, like the old-fashioned ones with money and jewels spilling out of it and circling around it were about 10 great white sharks.  My mother was standing on the dock next to me, saying how much she needed what was in the trunk and she was demanding I go down and get it for her.  She was telling me not to be silly that the sharks wouldn’t attack me.  When I refused to go, we had a big fight, it was then I realized what the dream was telling me, I had to make the right decisions for myself and not be convinced that others had my best interest at heart.  I needed to listen to my inner self-preservation.

This  revelation helped me to deal with the difficult situations that came up from dealing with my mother over the next few years.  Sure, occasionally I would “dive” in to the chest and sure enough those sharks would attack me.  I’d end up wondering why I had gone against my instinct.  I guess the sharks are my repercussions for not following my “inner guide”.

It’s been years since I’ve had a shark dream, since realizing what they mean to me, I don’t get them that often.  I know that dreams can just be dreams and that you should enjoy the fantasy of them, suspend your disbelief and go with the images that come with letting your imagination be free.  They can be your sub conscious trying to solve a problem, how many times have you gone to bed with something on your mind and woken up with a solution? 

They say that humans must dream, that we’ll die if we don’t. They also say if you die in your dream you die in real life but I’m not sure how anyone could know that for sure, who was their research group?  I know that I enjoy my dreams, I enjoy dreaming of friends, family and animals long gone that visit me.   I think it’s their way of communicating with us, to show up in our dreams to let us know that they’re doing ok and just to say hi.

That being said, I’m pretty sure that the exploding venomous frogs from last night were just 1 too many helpings of yorkshire pudding!

Dream Big,


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