I read my horoscope almost every day.  I’m always amazed how I can make it fit what I’m going through, I guess that’s the point.  Some of them are fairly “accurate”, the one attached to my email is pretty good. 

I remember when we were renovating the cottage we had to stay in what used to be a  hotel in the small town near by.  It had been turned into an old age home, but the bottom floor was reserved for visiting families and the owners were nice enough to let us stay for almost 2 months.  One night after getting back to the room after a very hard day, I was checking my email and for fun decided to see what my horoscope said. I can’t remember the exact wording but it refered to “being around elderly people”.  For the next 5 days I read my horoscope and everyday I could match it to something we were doing that day.  It was fun.

The nice thing about doing this, as long as you don’t take it to seriously, it can give you a positive boost for the day.  If the foreseen predictions for the day are that it’s going to be a wonderful time your going to meet your friends and go someplace exciting, who knows if by reading this 1st you make that happen and are open to it, or if it happened on its own?

When I was a kid, my mother was always fearful of psychics, forbidding  me to go to them.  Silly really, I used to go anyway with my girlfriends to see what they had to say about my future. Usually it was the standard “Your love is tall dark and handsome” or “there will be a big obstacle you have to over come but then you will have a large reward”.    I have a situation in my life that gives me a built-in lie detector, if the psychic knows about this then I know that they are at least a little talented and that I should listen to them.  I’ve had 3 psychics tell me the same thing, that I’m still waiting to happen and even though these people “passed” my test,  I suspect that I’ll be waiting for a while.  The fun part about the predictions is the wait and see. 

Today my horoscope is telling me that my communication skills will be off.  Since today is the service for my Uncle and I’m going to be around a lot of people I’m going to have to try extra hard not to say stupid things.   Horoscopes can mean and fit almost any situation, for instance, this is my horoscope for today:

Your plans may not go off exactly as you’d expected — in fact, they probably can’t. All you can really count on for a while is that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong — at least as far as communication goes. It may feel personal, but it’s really, truly universal. Fortunately, if anyone is good at coming up with a Plan B, or C or even D at a moment’s notice, it’s certainly you.

Not exactly how I’d like to start my week, but as you can see this wording can fit any situation and although they’ve given me the dire news , my plans aren’t going to work out the way I want them to and my communication skills will be bad today.  It leaves me on a positive note that if anyone can get through this and come out on top it’s me.

You may have remembered that my blog is named after an “oracle” card from a beautiful “Mermaid & Dolphins” deck.  The problem with tarot or oracle cards is that they reflect what  you want to know and not necessarily what you need to know, so this kind of advice you need to take with a grain of salt.  Use your better judgment and not change your life completely because you’ve read one thing into the cards.

All in all I think horoscopes are a fun way to check in with your life, if your confused about something, sometimes they can clarify what your feeling or thinking, sometimes they’re just a bunch of nonsense.  You shouldn’t govern  your life by them but use them as a tool for fun and positive thinking and if they come true it’s the bonus that you made happen.

Dream Big,


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