I was going through some old photos the other day and came across 1 of my mom when she was a little girl.  It’s a black and white photo of her and a little dog sitting on the front steps of my grandparents home on Harlendale Ave.  There is a date on the back of the photo written in pencil. 

The date written on the back is my birthday.  It’s 26 years prior to the year I was born, but it’s the same date.  My husband doesn’t find this extraordinary, but I do.  This is a family that rarely took pictures, never mind labeled them with names or dates.  As a mater of fact there are NO names on this picture JUST the date.  I believe there is no such thing as coincidence and that things happen for a reason.  I find it very interesting that while I was looking for pictures of my Uncle for his memorial service, I found 1 of my mother when she was 13 years old with the date of my birth written on the back.  Maybe she was wishing me happy birthday?

I’ve had other things like this happen, as I’m sure we all have.   My Aunt, before she died had subscribed me to a magazine,  I thought the subscription had finished since I hadn’t received an issue in a few months.  One arrived in the mail, the day my Uncle died.  There are a few cards in the Oracle deck that advise you to notice these coincidences to make your wishes manifest faster.  I’m not sure what this is pointing towards. 

Is it a coincidence that you get fired from your job and then 2 weeks later an amazing opportunity falls into your lap that you would never have been able to take advantage of if you were still working?  Or you meet someone for the 1st time, that tells you a story about a friend of theirs, even though you’ve never heard the story, never met this person, you know that the person they’re speaking about is also a friend of yours?

What do you think coincidence means?  Are they just a grouping of instances that are happening because you want them to?  Have they always been there and because you’ve now noticed them, you see them?  Are they trying to lead you?  Are these the path markers on our way through life? Are they our “angels” sending us messages to help us or to let us know we’re not alone?  Or is it just the universe screwing with us because we’re human and need to see patterns?

It could be that the chaos of the world isn’t really as chaotic as we would like to believe.  That coincidence is the chaos falling into order.  Have you ever noticed that TV programs all come out with the same topics at almost the same time?  They all follow a pattern or a  wave.  I’ve actually had it happen to me, where I’ve come up with and idea for a show and someone on the other side of the country has pitched the exact same idea at almost the same time to the same people I’ve spoken to.  It’s like there is a collective conscious out there that we plug into. 

I remember having a dream a few years ago, where I was floating in space looking at the earth and coming out from different point all over the globe were these huge antennas (you’ve seen these in cartoons) and from these towers there were blue pulses covering the earth, spreading and connecting all the humans and nature to one another.  If this “vision” could be true, it might be triggering what is going on with the earth right now.  There are so many people convinced that our planet is in serious trouble.  That the earth is trying to wipe us out, maybe the collective conscious has something to do with all the bad things that have happened over the past few years.  There have been tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and most recently the volcano in Iceland exploding.  Perhaps they are being triggered by us.   Like with coincidence, maybe this has always happened but because we’re paying more attention to the devastation it’s amplifying the reaction and responding by becoming more noticable and  harder to ignore.

Some might say that this is a little far-fetched.  If  you think of the things that happen in your own life, and the types of things we can make happen just by encouraging coincidence, why couldn’t this be a possibility?    My theory takes us a long way from me finding a picture of my mother with the date of my birth written on the back. 

I do find the circumstances of that photo and date intriguing. I think that I’m going to keep that photo out for a while, maybe I’ll get an answer from it.  Maybe it’s just telling me to take a minute to remember my mom.

Dream carefully!


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