Burn the Floor

For my birthday, my husband bought us tickets to see “Burn the Floor”  a ballroom dance show that has had great reviews in NYC and is now playing here in TO.  We are avid watchers of  “So you think you can dance“, no one was more surprised than us that we actually like this reality show and watch both the US and Canadian versions.  When we realized that a few of the contestants from former shows were performing, we decided to get tickets.

Last night was the night, off to the Canon theatre.  The show started with a bang, as the dancers took us from cha-cha to the Viennese waltz with dips into the hot latin rumba, samba and Paso Doble.  The women were smokin’ hot dressed in short sparkly skirts that flared just so and really high heels, that showed legs that seemed to reach forever.  The men spent quite a bit of time out of their shirts, not a bad thing for me, wearing mainly jeans and running shoes.  Even the singers that accompanied them were great, although drowned out by the percussionists and music in general, they certainly had that “broadway feel”.

I grew up with ballroom dancing, my mother was an Arthur Murray’s dance teacher, my god-parents owned their own dance studio, it was always a part of my life.  My god sister, Susan and I always joked that we could “work” a room at a very early age because of the training our parents had from doing this.

My father and mother met because of dancing.  My dad’s best friend Frank (my godfather) was a manager of the local dance studio he was also part of the Argo Rowing club.  He talked my dad and the other rowers into taking dancing lessons for the off-season where my mother was their teacher, and as they say, the rest is history.  I grew up listening to stories about the competitions they all entered and the nights they would all go to the Palais Royal to dance to the bands that were performing.  I’d come home from dates to the rugs in the living room pulled back, making 1 big dance floor, and my parents and their friends whooping it up.  One of my favorite pictures of my parents is from a party in my Grandparents house, someone snapped it just as they were paused for the beginning of  the Tango, it sits in our dining room.

When I was 12, a friend of my mothers, a former dance teacher herself, commissioned my mom to teach her 12-year-old daughter, Carol Anne, since we were friends I came along for the lessons.  We learned to cha-cha, swing, waltz, fox trot and  a host of other dances that I remember only the basics to now.  I wish after seeing last nights show that I’d pushed my mom into giving me more lessons.  Those basic steps can be transformed into something absolutely amazing.

Every once and awhile I see what could have been in my life if I had made some different choices, for instance if I had pushed my mom for more dance lessons could I have done what they were doing last night? I certainly could have done the singing part and maybe that’s why she didn’t push me, dancing was her realm and singing was mine.  Although last nights singing reinforced the fact that I need to learn a good “torch” song, every girl should have one.  “Sway” was in the show and could be a contender, I’ve always like that song or maybe “Fever”, I’ll have to learn both and see which one suits me better.  

It was wonderful to see the contestants we were rooting for on the TV shows on the stage in front of us last night.  A few of them are partners in real life as well.  Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis, the highlights of the show, I hope are still a couple they certainly dance like one.  Ryan & Ashleigh Di Lello, the 1st married couple to get into “So you think you can dance” and make it to the final 4.  Then there’s Karen Hauer, the reason my husband likes dancing, she is this stunningly gorgeous Venezuelan born, american raised dancer, that steals the show whenever she’s on stage.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that both Pasha and Ryan look very good with their shirts off, proving, that with ballroom dancing, there is something for everyone.

Dream Big,


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