Girlfriends, Shopping & Movies

This past weekend I went to the movies with some of my girlfriends.  I know for some that wouldn’t be such a big deal but spending a saturday night out with the girls is a rare occasion for me.  We went to see “The Back up Plan” with J-Lo and Alex O’ Loughlin.   He’s definitely on my “list” so it was easy to talk me into going.

Two of the girls, Katie & Emma had been in Buffalo on a Target run. They had invited me to go with them, but I am a notoriously horrible shopper and the only one who can actually put up with me is my husband.  Thank goodness he actually likes to shop and that twice a year we do a Target run.  I’m such a brat, I have to be fed & watered and warned about the shopping trip days in advance or I’ll last about 10 minutes.  

I blame my mom, who used take me shopping, pile clothes into my arms and then when I’d come out of the change room she’d be half way across the store.  If I didn’t come and find her or took the outfit off  before she saw it, she would insist on having me put it back on so she could see it.  I very rarely got to choose the outfits I wanted to wear, so shopping became a miserable experience for me that has lasted into adulthood.   

I declined to go with the girls, for their own good, not to mention mine, when they would try to figure out where exactly to leave me in Buffalo.  However, we decided that we would meet for a movie on their way back into town.  It was an early night since the girls had been up since the crack of dawn for their shopping expedition, a fourth, Carolyne, joined us at the theatre.  The lights dimmed and we were transported into what Emma calls “porn for women”.  Mainly, Alex O’ Loughlin without his shirt on, being this amazing guy who’s ok with this woman who he has just met and is pregnant but not with his child….Emma’s right, it is porn for women. 

There is nothing like a bunch of girls getting together laughing and giggling about girl things.   They add a totally different dimension to my life, a fact, as I’ve mentioned before I tend to forget.  Next weekend my husband and I are doing our own Target run, I know it will be ok, since he will take the appropriate steps to make shopping easier for me (and him), as well as getting me a summer wardrobe.  The girls have already given me the run down on what is good to buy so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get in and out of there fast, ‘course my husband might have something to say about that.

I might have to talk him in to going to a movie to finish the day off, but instead of it being “porn for chicks” it’ll have to be “knock ’em down drag ’em out” …..or maybe not, that might just remind him of the day we spent shopping.

Dream Big,


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