Commitment to Practice

Today is the morning after a full moon, I began the day by sleeping in.  By some amazing chance, I still made it to yoga on time, as a matter of fact I was the 1st one there.  It was the last day of the March / April sessions, I know I was going to stop going after 4 months, but I have signed up for another 2 months, one more 9 week session, before the cottage.  This will take me to July 1st and I’ll be able to sign up for a few weeks of practice in July before we make the giant trek to the island, and I’m on my own.

I’m always amazed how Pat can absolutely kick our asses in an hour and 15 minute class, I mean it’s yoga! I always leave these classes exhausted vowing to come right home and go back to bed.  I never do, but it’s a really nice thought isn’t it? I’m actually sitting on the back deck in the sun posting this blog, mulling over all the things I have to do today that I’ve been putting off all week.

Pat made a really interesting comment this morning, she’s not taking drop-ins to our morning classes anymore, people who just want to come for 1 class then don’t come back for a month or so.  She mentioned that when this happens she finds that she’s concentrating on these people more than the ones who are committed to coming all the time.  Also, she knows what the committed people can do, so she knows just how hard she can push us.

I thought that was a very interesting comment, committment to the practice, I guess I do have that again, after all in 4 months I’ve only missed 1 class, and I plan to keep this going when I get to the cottage, but I want to try to amp up my practice to 3-4 times per week – then maybe by the end of the summer I can be doing this almost everyday.  I think I would like that, yoga seems to give me a balance during my day, I’ve even noticed that my actual balance is getting better, good for the next time I go surfing.  I seem to accomplish more on the days that I do yoga in the morning, I’m not sure if it’s because of the class or just that I’m up and moving around early.

I know that some people don’t enjoy Yoga or understand the benefits, some think it’s flaky.  It has been proven that it helps you stay flexible as you get older, it helps with stress and balance and lets face it any excercise that has savasana, basically a lie there and do nothing pose, at the end can not be too bad! For me, I feel that the benefits are more than just excercise, it keeps me connected to the ocean and my inner self.  Even in meditation, my visual is of waves crashing over me, the wave rolls in with my inhale breath and crash over my head and recedes with the exhale.  That rhythm is in all of us, that circular motion that we encounter everyday in our lives. 

For me it’s more of a committment to making myself a better person and trying to figure out who and what I want to be when I grow up.  I’m really hoping by the end of the summer that I’ll be in a position that I’ll know what I need to do next, right now yoga is helping me to ground those ideas and thoughts and the committment to the practice means I’m getting better every day. 

It’s tough to take responsiblity for doing this, every monday I’m usually in dread of the next 3 days, getting up early knowing that Pat’s going to make it tough for us but by the time thursday rolls around I’m sad that I won’t be going back for the next 4 days and that I’ll have to do it at home by myself.  That’s where the hard works comes in, doing it at home by myself.   This is why I want to stay in the classes as long as I can, so that it’s so ingrained in me that when we get to the cottage I just do it automatically – continuing the commitment to the morning practice, and myself.

Dream Big,


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