Spaghetti Sauce

For the past few days I’ve been trying to find the time to make spaghetti sauce.  I finally had the chance today, it takes time to make a great sauce.

First you have to shop for the ingredients, ground beef, canned tomatoes, tomato  paste and the kicker, red wine.  I’ve experimented over the years and have decided that the best wine for this sauce is Valpolicella, Italian red, it seems to have the best zing for the sauce. Sometimes I get the grocery ingredients bought and then have to get the wine, which can seem to take me days! Sometimes, like this week, for some reason I couldn’t get ground beef when I wanted it or find a green pepper.  At last, I had all the ingredients and now just needed the time.

This was my favorite dinner when I was a kid.  I loved the days that I would come home from school and the house would be filled with the scent of tomatoes and oregano. I can remember my mom seemed to use every pot in her arsenal even though it’s a 1 pot dish. The kitchen seemed to be a mess for hours, but it was worth the clean up. I never did figure out how she used all those pots.  I took over making it as I got older, even one year being tricked into making it as the dinner for my surprise birthday party. 

Last year, we were having dinner with my cousin and his wife and we were talking about food that we missed that our Grandmother and my Mom used to make.  My cousin mentioned that he really missed the spaghetti sauce that my mom made, not realizing that I had the recipe and had been making it since I was a teenager. Now, when he helps us out, he’s told me he’ll work for spaghetti sauce, I LOVE his rates!  I’ve had friends who ask me for bags of it, I’ve given it as birthday gifts, house-warming presents and taken it to new mom’s for a “relief”  home-made dinner.

It’s not a hard recipe to make, the ingredients list isn’t long but it takes time, you have to let it cook and simmer for 3 hours so all the herbs can melt together with the bacon and beef.  I’ve given the recipe out to my friends and family but they all seem content to wait for me to make a batch.

Like a lot of things the smell of this sauce cooking can linger in the air for days after, when I go to bed at night after spending the day making a batch I can smell it in my dreams.  It’s one of those foods that is just a good thing to come home to, when I’m tired and have NO idea what to make for dinner, I’m always thrilled to find a bag of spaghetti sauce in my freezer. 

I usually don’t make this in the summer, but I’ve been craving it lately. Since it’s still cool at night, I thought one more batch for the season would be ok.  I’m sure that now I’ll get a few calls for sauce.  I’ll  post the recipe (it’s with the Chaos day cookies) and if you feel like you need a lift, and something “homey” try making it.  Believe me, you won’t regret it and it will make your home smell amazing….and then I can call  you for a bag of sauce for dinner.

Good Cooking,


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2 Responses to Spaghetti Sauce

  1. Mmmmm. Now I am drooling. I can almost smell the sauce from the description you gave! I’m very hugry now with a strong craving for spaghetti!

    Mary Anne

  2. Break Free says:

    The recipe is there, under the Chaos cookies – give it a try it’s really not very hard. As a matter of fact I have to pacakge the rest for freezing this morning!

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