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Do you get wanderlust? I do.  Some days it’s so bad that it’s all I can do not to drive myself to the airport and take the 1st plane outta here!   I guess it’s a form of running away, however, … Continue reading

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Organized? ME?!?

It’s sunday morning and my sweetie is off to work, again, so I have the whole day to putter around the house.  I should be working on my front garden, which looks as close to a jungle as you can get … Continue reading

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Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market

Farmers Market 2010 It’s Tuesday, which means that my local farmers market is now open.  Not all the farmers are back yet, they’ll come as their crops ripen, but the few of the farmers that have the 1st of what the season has to offer … Continue reading

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1st long weekend of 2010

I realize it’s actually not the 1st one of 2010, however the “new” holiday in February doesn’t really count, this is the “official” start of summer.  Toronto has been empty this weekend, everyone headed up to their cottages for the May two-four weekend. … Continue reading

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Top Gear

As my husband and I were reading in bed last night, I asked him if he’d read my post that day, although he had (and pointed out my spelling mistakes that the computer hadn’t caught) he told me it was a … Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliet/ “Letters to Juliet”

Yesterday 1 of my errands was having my winter tires exchanged for the summers.   This is usually an errand I don’t like because it takes 2-3 hours and you’re usually stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Yesterday, I decided to coincide … Continue reading

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“Just Do It”

I was very reluctant to go to yoga this morning, it was just as I feared, if I stopped even for 1 day I would have a hard time getting back on my mat.  Not to mention I woke up … Continue reading

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