The Elora Book Sale

The title says it all, “The Elora Book Sale” the 1st weekend of May held in the curling rink in Elora.  Where you can still get a great deal on a book (nothing over $2 it seems).  We go every year, 3 years ago we started taking my friend Emma who is a huge book lover.

It took me a few years before I managed to  talk her into going, now, I don’t think I’d be allowed to go without her.  We decided to go early yesterday, so that all the “good” books wouldn’t be picked over, we picked Emma up at 9am and off to Elora we drove. 

By the time we arrived, the parking lot of the joint community centre/curling rink, was jam-packed and  it had begun to rain.  As we pulled into a spot in the back of the lot, the sky opened up and dumped water onto us! It has been a very long time since I’ve been in a storm of that magnitude, but that didn’t stop us.  My husband had his monsoon jacket on and I had the big golf umbrella for Emma and I, off we went across the very wet parking lot, now pond.  At one point, I actually gave Emma a piggy back across a huge puddle, almost dropping her at the end, as it was we both got soakers.

We dashed for the door and made our way though the people who were smart enough to wait for the rain to ease up, into what can only be described as readers heaven.  When you arrive you walk down a little ramp onto what would normally be the floor of the curling rink, all the ice is gone and there are two columns of tables about 20 feet wide running the length of the building, filled with books.  On each table there is a had written sign with the subject matter of the books on that part of the table.  I always take a moment to look out over the sea of books and wonder what treasures I’m going to find today.  I LOVE Elora Book sale day!

We divided up the book bags, my husband gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed towards the records, Emma and I began at the table right in front of us – hardcover mystery books. We read so much and a great deal of what we read crosses over to each other and over the years we have devised a short hand and a system on how to move from table to table.  We do, however, get really distracted with the books in front of us and it does take us a few minutes to smarten up and walk away from the hard covers to the lighter paper backs. 

This year, either because we were so much earlier than usual or because of the rain, the place was packed. There were a lot of people with full boxes already ahead of us, bags slung over their shoulders half full that we had to try to go around.  A few people were just standing in the middle of the aisles, either overwhelmed with the sheer amount of books or looking for the person they came into the sale with.  That’s always the fun part trying to find the people we came with.  I can always spot my husband, he’s 6’4″ and has long hair so I can usually pick him out in a crowd, Emma as well is pretty spottable, but you always see people with the “where did they go?” look in their eyes. 

Two hours later, I had a huge bag of books that I can’t wait to read, although most of them will be going with me to the cottage in July.  Emma had 2 bags and my husband had a much smaller pile, he doesn’t have as much time to read as Emma and I do.  As per our tradition, we went to this little restaurant in Guelph that has Indian food and had lunch before we began our trek back to the big city.  We dropped Emma off at her place, left her to curl up on her couch and check out her finds of the day, as we headed home to do the same. 

I had a great day, it’s one of my favorite things to do, Emma and I count down the days until this sale every year and I’m sorry that we’re not going back today.   I’m sure I could fill another bag with wonderful things to read.  There will be next year and I can’t wait.  If  you’re looking for a wonderful day out and love to read, this is the place for you.  The sale next year is May 7th & 8th weekend and the link is on my blog roll at the side. 

The quote of the day was from a guy telling his friends  “you know you’ve hit your limit, when you’re looking through the cassette tapes – you know it’s time to go!”.  Join us we’d love to see you there.

Happy Reading,


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