Tar-jay Run!

Home sweet home! Sunday, my husband and I made a dash for the border on 1 of our semi-annual Target runs.  As previously mentioned, I am a horrible shopper.   I’m probably worse than many 3 or 4 year olds, and sunday he took his own life into his hands and decided that we should do 2 department stores and an over night stay.

He picked me up from my new sister-in-law’s shower, they eloped in early January and the shower was this sunday, and we hit the road to Amherst.  Getting across the border on a sunday is great, there was hardly any traffic and we were in our hotel room and on our way to Target with in an hour of being in the US.  We used hot wire to get a hotel room, 3 1/2 stars is as high as you can get in Amherst, we’ve never used it before and it worked out beautifully.  We ended up at Hotel Indigo, a sea and nature themed hotel, very close to the malls we wanted to visit.

He threw me in to the fire right away, 10 minutes after checking in we were back on the road and driving into the Target parking lot, where we spent the next 2 1/2 hours trying on everything.  I didn’t have as much success at Target as I usually do, I did manage to get a few cute things but my husband did much better than me.  My jack pot was the next day.

After a really bad nights sleep, I was awake from 130 – 3, the good thing about that is I spent the time revamping my work out schedule.  Nothing like a trip to buy a new wardrobe to inspire you to rework your excercise routine. We had a good breakfast at IHOP then on to JCPenny’s in the mall.  This is where I had the best luck finding alsorts of great clothes ON SALE, even my sweetie did well here.

Those who know me well know that I am not a typical girl, shopping is NOT in my genes.  The clothes never look the way I think they should on me, and I’m always disappointed to realize that I’m not doing as well as I thought on my latest excercise/diet regime.   I always think that I look like Cindy Crawford, until I try on something on and wonder who the fat old chick in the mirror is, definitely NOT Cindy!  However, I actually did have some luck in finding clothes that will be excellent for the summer and into the fall.

The only drag was coming home and coming over the border and paying the tax on the tax, my husband stewed about that for, approximately 15 – 20 minutes before coming to the conclusion that there was nothing to be done about it.  The trip seemed to take forever on the way back, just because we were tired, we finally arrived home in the early evening. 

Last night was an early evening not only were we exhausted but it was crack of dawn yoga this AM and day 1 of the new excercise schedule.   I still need a new bathing suit, always a joy to buy one of those.  I guess all the shopping isn’t done yet, looks like I’ve saved the “best” for last!

Dream Big,


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