Little Blue Cottage

Our little blue cottage

I figured out how to get pictures on my site now you can actually see what I’m talking about.  

This strange little shaped cottage is the one I keep talking about in PEI.  If you haven’t been to this wonderful little island you might not believe that the earth really is red.  When we 1st saw this place it was a shack down a very long driveway in the middle of winter.  What this picture doesn’t show is the beautiful view over Cardigan Bay, from the bottom right hand corner of the property.

When we 1st bought the place we had a construction company come in and put on the blue vinyl siding you see here, and replace all the windows.  We had an 8′ sliding glass door put in on the ocean side and then we had them gut the entire interior of  the cottage.  Giving us a blank slate to work with. 
My husband and 2 of his brothers spent 2 weeks replacing drywall, vacuuming up a variety of  little carcasses, and getting the plumbing ready. Then for the next 4 weeks between us (my husband and I) and a host of contractors, we managed to get the cottage in a state where we were able to move in for the last 4 nights before we had to close it down for that season.
The picture above is from the closing season of 2008, since I had to close by myself that year, I took a picture on my way out of the driveway for my husband.  The little barn was new and he hadn’t had a chance to see it. It has taken us 2 seasons to make the cottage look like this. 
Over the next few months you will see pictures of the bay and the new deck, the very last thing that we need to do to make the cottage “finished”.  This will be the 1st summer that we don’t have to work everyday on the place.  We can sit on the new deck (not in this picture) and watch the sunset. 
I’ve had friends ask us why we don’t take down the trees which are right in front of the cottage,  almost blocking the ocean view. However, we’ve discovered that the trees are there for a reason, not only do they act as a barrier to the wind but they hold the earth in place, every year we lose a little more to the winter storms.  At some point we will have to move our little cottage back, we have 6 acres, I’ve been assured that we won’t actually make it all the way back in our life time, I remain skeptical.
As I’ve mentioned in several of my posts, I’m really looking forward to going back to our little cottage.  When we came home last year after being there for 2 months, I walked into my house and immediately thought how cluttered it was – the cottage is so small that there is no room for clutter.  I’m sure that is part of the allure of going back.  It doesn’t hurt that  take-out lobster suppers have become a big part of our dining routine.
More photos will be posted now that I’ve figured out how to do this, I’m looking forward to sharing them. It really opens up the blog and it offers me another element to my “Break Free” theme. 
Dream Big,
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2 Responses to Little Blue Cottage

  1. Nikki says:

    So beautiful, in fact PERFECT!

  2. Break Free says:

    It’s just waiting for your visit Nik!! : )

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