“Dogs have owners…Cat’s have staff”

Prairie in her violets

This is a picture of our youngest cat Prairie.  Since both of our girls are senior citizens it is a bit ironic to call her the baby in the house, but we do.  In our back yard we have wild violets that bloom early in the spring time, by mid summer the flowers are gone and the leaves have grown tall and bushy.  A few years ago, she discovered them and they are now her favorite place to sit, like the little princess she is, observing the world from the bed of violets.

I’m beginning to think we can learn a lot from our cats, look at the life they lead.  They get fed 1st thing in the morning, a selection of kibble and meat and fresh water, then they go outside to what has got to be the largest playpen in cat history.  We had our back yard “Kitty” proofed so they can go outside in the summer.  They’re indoor cats so I’m a little precious with them.  They have bath time in the largest sun patch they can find, then have a nap, the rest of the day consists of whining at me for more food and naps of various lengths.  No wonder my husband wants to live the life of one of them for a week!

They have a very low stress job, the biggest part of their job description is cuddling with me and even there they have concessions, where did they learn to put their paw on my chin to stop me from giving them a kiss? I know I didn’t teach them that.  The other part of their job description is doing something really cute everyday so that I keep them around.  Lying on their back in a semi-circle with their big furry tummy exposed, waiting to be rubbed, (don’t fall for that one with Tabitha she’ll swat at you) getting all kitten like when something moves, grabbing their attention and the best 1 of all, right after dinner crawling up with us on the couch to watch the daily show, cuddling up in my husbands arms and starting up the purr engine. They certainly do this part of their jobs well.

I’ve always said that I’m going to write out the “cat union rules” so that I have a good handle on them.  Some of my favorite ones are: Only 1 cat may be present on the deck at a time, cats must wait until guardian has settled down into a comfortable position, preferably prone on the deck swing, before asking to come inside or out, always make sure you trip the guardian who feeds you down/up the stairs – I’m a little sketchy on that one, if they trip me and I die are they just going to eat me?  Doesn’t it defeat their purpose to kill the person that feeds them? I think they must still be working the kinks out on that one.

Their huge personalities do add quite a bit to the family dynamic and I have to admit that I wouldn’t be half as comfortable at the cottage alone as I am when they’re with me.  The girls love the cottage and have their own routine to slip into and they manage to get along even though it’s a considerably smaller space than they’re used to.  When  you think about it, it is a little odd that we share our homes with these furry little creatures, who seem to have us trained as staff rather than owners.  They are the 1 thing if the house was on fire that my husband and I would grab, if we could find them. 

The best thing in the world for me, is waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that a soft, purring, warm, cat is tucked up against my back and the other one is keeping my feet warm.  Guarding my husband and I during our sleep.  Or are they just making sure they keep track of us for breakfast?

Dream Big,


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One Response to “Dogs have owners…Cat’s have staff”

  1. Nikki says:

    How cute the boss looks in the Violets!

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