Monday is here!

There is a lot to do this week, well in the next 2 days.  As much as I love going to the cottage sometimes it can be a bit of a pain.  In order to go, our house has to be made ready for someone to move into – which means cleaning things that I’ve been avoiding.  In this case, making sure that I have the upstairs apartment ready for guests.  I have to make sure there is enough food for our little sweetie’s, since they won’t be making this 5 day trip with us.  That everything of theirs is set up so that the transition from “parents” to “house/cat sitter” can be transparent. 

As well, it’s a friend’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Em!) so I want to make time before I go to take her for lunch.  Also, visit my other friend Kristy, in the hospital after her operation today (it’s her Dad that’s taking over the house/cat sitting duties).  However, the biggest job I have to do before we leave, is locating the source of the smell in our fridge.

A few weeks ago, I discovered one of the bags of milk had a slow leak in it and had drained all over the bottom of my fridge.  A lot of muttering and swearing later, I had the whole fridge emptied and cleaned.  I thought that my biggest problem was that I had lost a whole bag of milk, until this week.  This week, every time we open and close the fridge it smells like bad feet.  Yesterday morning I’d had enough and emptied everything out again, washed everything down with vinegar.  I thought I’d conquered it but the footie smell is back this AM.  I can see I have my work cut out for me.  Suggestions are appreciated!

Yesterday was the last day of emptying out my Aunt and Uncle’s home.  The sale went well so there wasn’t much left to deal with but we took a few boxes to the care & share in Stouffiville and a few last things came home with me.  The remaining little bit of furniture, we put out on the street and by the time we left the only thing there was a desk.

It’s sad to see someones life divided up. The chair my Aunt bought herself was sitting on the curb because their cat had decided to use it as a scratching post and no one seemed to want it – I hope it’s gone to a good home.  Even the dresser that they used didn’t make it to anyone in the family’s home or to anyone from the sale.  However, a whole bunch of the preserves that my Aunt made were divided up and are now in my pantry and my cousins.

There is a lot to be said for simplifying your life.  Over the past few years, I’ve had to deal with older relatives possessions becoming part of our home, either because of death or downsizing.  Although it’s been a wonderful way to keep a part of them with me in my life, I’m afraid that my house is beginning to look really cluttered.  If it looks this way to me now, what will happen in September when I come home from the cottage and really see my house for what it is?

The cottage pile seems to be getting larger and even though I will be able to take some of the things with us on Wednesday there is still a few items that they won’t allow on the plane, ie the machete we got from my Uncle’s. There is a pile for the apartment upstairs which I’m trying to move everything into but now it just looks like I have two unorganized places.  I remember hearing about this guy who sold everything he owned on eBay then starting with a red paperclip bartered his way back up to a million dollar home.  I think he wrote a book about it.  I’m seriously thinking he may have had the right idea, sometimes it would be a blessing to just get rid of everything and begin fresh. 

I think I’m going to have to listen to that oracle card and begin to simplify my life, since I have to clean anyway, I think I’ll begin today.  Does anyone need kitchen stuff?

Dreaming Big,


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