Close to everything in the middle of nowhere

Little Blue Cottage May 2010

After a few days of techno free life we’re back in the land of all that is modern comfort.  Our cottage will have a 3G stick this summer so there will be a modicum of tech there. 

This photo was taken last Thursday morning between the rain storms.  The sun came out for a few minutes and I decided to snap a few pics while I had the chance.  We’ve lost quite a bit of our cliff over the winter, we usually only loose about 6 inches, this year we seem to have lost at least a foot to a foot and a half.   

When we finally arrived at the cottage, Wednesday evening, the light was just starting to fade. We walked to the cliff to say hello to the ocean, a tradition that my husband and I started when we 1st bought the cottage.  We used to do this during the renovations to remind ourselves why we bought this little shack that was clearly in need of so much TLC.    

Close to the shore, was a blue heron, he stood there in the dying light, not moving, a beautiful statue.  These birds are very frustrating to get a picture of, they can hear the sliding door on the cottage open and they start to fly before your foot hits the deck.  This bird seemed to be welcoming us back after our long winter away.   

When we finally opened the door to the cottage it was just like being home again, but man, was it cold!  After turning on all the heaters, we began the ritual of opening up the cottage.  The plumbers had been down a few days earlier to fill the water tank and check all the water appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, etc) and to make sure the well pump was working.  We split up the opening chores, I unloaded all the groceries and started making the bed while my husband unloaded the car and suitcases and began the gruesome job of vacuuming up all the dead fly carcases.  Then we dropped into our flannel bed with the thick comforter, our socks on to keep warm, only to wake up in the small hours of the morning because our little cabin had become a sweat lodge.   

When we finally woke the next morning, it was to the sound of rain.  This was the day that we intended to do a lot of things around the cottage and wound up reading and puttering.  At one point, we did end up on the beach between rain storms.  Since our ladder wasn’t down yet and our neighbours haven’t been around to put down their stairs, we had to walk along the cliff to the farmer’s field before we could safely climb to the beach.  This is where we saw the total of the winter destruction, trees were down, parts of the cliff had slid into the water,  you could see how much of the beach had been beaten by the waves.  Because the bay no longer freezes, the winter storms are brutal to the shoreline.  One effect of global warming that we see first hand.   

The next few days went quickly in a blur of cottage chores and discoveries.  Driving into town to get additional supplies, saying hi to all the of our local friends at the Bakery and the Home Hardware.  Hauling the garbage bins up the kilometer long drive way is always an adventure, not to mention it’s up hill so it gives you a good work out. Now’s the best time to do this since the bug population hasn’t ramped up.   We had a chance to see how the woods surrounding it were faring and decided that over the next few years, we have our work cut out for us.   

We have a new baby grouse that the fox pups haven’t discovered and the cheeky squirles are back looking very cute and innocent for something so destructive.  The Crows are out in full force playing in the ocean breezes and making a racket. The most incredible thing, was the huge racoon that wandered up on to the deck at dusk one night, seeing us inside the living room he decided that instead of being scared, he’d try the door to see if he could open it.  He rose up onto his hind legs and reached for the handle of the screen door, of all the nerve.  They are NOT afraid of ANYTHING.   

The time there was too short and to soon we were cleaning and packing and rushing out the door to make the 45 minute drive to Charlottetown to catch our flight home.  I took lots of pics to share with you and over the next little while I’ll drag them out.  However, it will soon be July and we’ll be packing up the girls and making the 18 hour drive back to our little cottage close to everything in the middle of nowhere.  I can’t wait.  

Dream Big,   


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2 Responses to Close to everything in the middle of nowhere

  1. Nikki says:

    I would have loved to see the Racoon but knowing me I would have invited him in for dinner! It all sounds fantastic, I’m so jealous. x

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