“Just Do It”

I was very reluctant to go to yoga this morning, it was just as I feared, if I stopped even for 1 day I would have a hard time getting back on my mat.  Not to mention I woke up at 2am thinking I was late for class and that adrenaline rush kept me awake until at least 430am.  

Last Thursday we were out-of-town so I didn’t take the usual yoga class, all day my body felt like it needed to stretch like it was missing something. I realized that my mind actually has more say in what and when I do something than my body.  If it was up to my body I think it would be working out all the time, it seemed to know that I had missed my usual yoga class and was craving the movements that it routinely gets.  My mind on the other hand was really glad that we got to sleep in and could just relax and take it easy. Hummm, I guess a lot of things are mind over matter.

I’ve been disappointed in myself lately.  I’ve been working out and doing yoga since the beginning of the year, faithfully, I’ve been watching what I eat, reading alsorts of books on eating and food and yet, I’m still not loosing weight.  My friend Emma and I have had this conversation, and we have come to the conclusion that the reason for my lack of weight loss might be all in my head.  However, if I’m honest, I haven’t been doing as much excercise as I think I have, sure I go walking and swimming but I haven’t been doing this every day.  I also haven’t added back in the Pilates routine that I was doing last year.   

For the next 8 weeks, I’m going to try to stick to a strict schedule of excercise and food and Mozart (have to feed the brain as well).  This is when we go back to the cottage, it gives me my 1st goal to hit.  Here in town I can use the park to walk in and the stairs, Emma and I will go for at least 1 big walk around the park she works near (killer route).  I have the town pool to swim in, just down the street.  I have my own light weight Pilates machine with instructional videos to uses.  Of course, I have 8 weeks left for morning yoga. 

The routine will have to change when I get to the cottage, although our drive way is a kilometre long, the bugs will eat you alive before you get half way up it.  There is a fitness centre that I can buy a 6 week pass at that has a pool, classes and fitness area, I might do that again.  The  only problem with this is that it’s in Montague and I would really like to not drive there everyday.  I can continue my yoga and Pilates and can walk on the beach hopefully with stops into the fitness centre I can continue on to my goals of being happy & healthy.

The problem doesn’t seem to be that the body isn’t willing the problem is the mind, and how easily I can talk myself out of doing something.  The only person I hurt by doing this is myself and I know that so why don’t I just do it?  I think this is what the yoga teacher was trying to explain to us when we took the home yoga class I guess I’ll have to write a list of pros & cons for exercising.  I’m sure the pro list will outweigh the con list….it’s just that I think listening to Mozart is actually working because I’m getting smarter and smarter about talking myself out of doing it!

Maybe that’s the problem, I should leave that 20 minutes off the list and see how the excercise fares then.  Well it’s time for my walk, I’m going to check this post for errors and sentences I don’t like.  Then, I’m going to go for a walk around the park…it’s only 30 minutes of my day, I’m worth at least that right?

“Just do it”


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