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Alfa Romeo Spyder

As my husband and I were reading in bed last night, I asked him if he’d read my post that day, although he had (and pointed out my spelling mistakes that the computer hadn’t caught) he told me it was a good post but “wasn’t really his thing”.  He said my posts were geared more towards girls…hum, I WONDER why that would be?!  In honour of my sweetie, I have decided to do a “boy” post.     

When I was growing up in Aurora (north of Toronto), I had a core group of friends that I spent everyday with.  It was a good group with an equal number of boys and girls, we had a lot of fun and some of us still keep in touch. The guys in the group were not really “sports” guys, there was some skiing and curling in the winter but that was about it.  However, CARS were big.    

My 1st serious boyfriend was a “gear head” and so it turns out, is my sweetie.  I really didn’t see it coming with him.  One of his traits is that he is an amazing researcher, he ends up getting great cars for both of us.  I am a very spoilt woman!  I guess my point to this is that the men in my life were mainly car guys and sports were a little further down their list, still there, don’t get me wrong, just further down the list than cars.     

About 10 years ago my husband bought his “dream” car of the moment, an Alfa Romeo.  It was a beautiful little car, indigo blue with a tan leather interior that had the alfa insignia stamped on it.  The 1st thing he did was have the leather replaced with a dark charcoal leather, it actually looked quite a bit better.  The little Alfa was fast, and sounded like a real race car, with that deep throaty growl whenever  you revved the gas, a fun car to drive.  The problem with these little Italian cars is that they really don’t like weather, of any kind.  They do prefer sunny dry days but even then they don’t like it to hot.  They don’t really like winter or the rain either.   If you leave them alone for a few days they develop what can only be called “loneliness syndrome” and something major happens to them (almost like payback)  and ends up costing you $500.  Doesn’t really matter what it is, it cost $500 dollars to fix.    

My husband finally decided that he needed a new car, we’d had the alfa for about 3 years, so he moved on to a Mercedes.  Now, when we see an Alfa on the road I can hear the wistfulness in his voice as he laments giving up his little Italian sports car.   I know he’d like another one someday, but unless it comes equiped with its own mechanic living in the trunk it could be a problem.    

Instead of buying another Alfa, we watch “Top Gear” on BBC, living vicariously.  I love the great things they do with cars they “dislike” and I really love to see the “gas guzzlers” that they review.  Who else has the budget, influence and insurance policy to do the things they do? Not to mention I really love the dynamic of the 3 hosts, they seem to have fun together.  Although, I wish that Richard Hammond and James May would win a challenge occasionally, Jeremy Clarkson seems to win all the time.     

Sunday mornings, I go to the french bakery, Clafoutie, and get us croissants.  We have lattes, eat our french pastries and watch “Top Gear”.  It’s a great hour of fast cars and fun stories.  They have actually managed to make a car show that doesn’t degrade women, gives you facts in an interesting way and shows what you can buy if you have way to much money and have no idea what to do with it.  We laugh at the “challenges”, playing “darts” using the cars as the darts, was the best.   We listen to the rumble of the supercars and ooh and ah over how deep the roar is.  Lately, we’ve been wondering if the Stig is really Michael Schumacher or if they are just trying to throw us off the scent again.    

It is a really great show to watch and it’s the only car show that I really like and insist that we watch together.  I think I have as much fun watching it as he does.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Richard Hammond is a cutie…although he doesn’t hit my height requirement, I might have to make an exception and add him to the list.  There I’ve brought it full circle back to being a girly post haven’t I?    

Highly recommend watching Top Gear on BBC, it’s a great way to spend an hour.    

Dream Big & Loud,    


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3 Responses to Top Gear

  1. Nikki says:

    Yes, I live in a house of Top Gear fans too, the guys are very funny. My favourite one is where they drive on that really dangerous road in Bolivia, the normally fearless Jeremy C falls to pieces when he nearly goes over the edge!

  2. Top Gear says:

    These three are the craziest TV presenters and their work is amazing.

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