1st long weekend of 2010

I realize it’s actually not the 1st one of 2010, however the “new” holiday in February doesn’t really count, this is the “official” start of summer.  Toronto has been empty this weekend, everyone headed up to their cottages for the May two-four weekend. It has been relatively quiet here in the big city.

We’ve had a wonderful time this long weekend, doing a little of everything.  Saturday we drove out to Guelph to my husbands brothers place to pick up some boxes he had left there for storage.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are selling their place and thinking about making the grand move to Tobermory – they’ve found a great house and just have to sell theirs, so boxes have become persona non gratis at their place.  It was nice to catch up with them and see what they are doing to the place to sell it. 

For the rest of the weekend we puttered around the “estate” with the girls.  I cleaned our back yard, opened the deck and planted all my white impatients.  Today, my back is sore but it will be worth it in a few weeks when everything begins to fill out.  My sweetie spent some of his time repairing lamps, I had no idea that we had so many that needed attention, and cleaning out his office.  There was a bizarre bit of time while he tried to get a TV working for our upstairs apartment, I think he just got distracted by thinking it would be a quick set up, silly boy, nothing is ever that easy.  Last night we watched a bit of the fireworks from Ontario Place, well we would have, but new condos have been built right in our usual line of sight, so what we saw was condos lit up with a few sparkly bits around them. 

Sunday mornings, when he’s home we try to begin the day with our version of a continental breakfast, croissants and lattes, soft-boiled eggs and fruit, because of the long weekend, we moved this to today.  In the colder months we indulge in an hour of  “Top Gear” or “Breakfast with the Arts” but it was such a beautiful morning, we were able to sit on our deck and enjoy the quiet and warmth. This is the time when I pull out my stacks of decorating magazines and spend a few hours flipping through the pages imagining what I could do if I had the time, money and space. 

As I write this, I’m on my back deck having a cup of tea, the sun is still up and shining brightly and the breeze is still warm.  The quiet is long gone, and right now I’m hearing the sound of quite a few fire engines stopping somewhere near by on Queen street.  The birds are chirping and the traffic from the Garner is beginning to pick up its pace and tone as the weekenders flood back into the city.  I can even hear the sound of the planes taking off from the island airport. 

Sometimes, I wonder why we didn’t buy a cottage in Ontario, so that we could visit it more often and so that my sweetie wouldn’t have to take a plane to come back to work for weeks at a time.  We have thought about getting another place that is a 4 seasons cottage.  That way we could rent it in the summer and use it in the winter, but the thought of another place to worry about (and clean) exhausts me. 

Instead, we make the most of our back deck and small yard and the fact that we live so close to such great restaurants, to make our weekends a city get away.  Soon, July will be here and we’ll be packing the girls up into their special carrying cases and starting the 18 hour trek to our lovely little blue cottage, where it’s so quiet, you can hear the grass swish as someone walks by.  While I’m there I’ll enjoy the solitude, but I will miss the quiet of the city on a sunday morning.

Happy Birthday Queen Victoria,


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