Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market

Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market
Farmers Market 2010

It’s Tuesday, which means that my local farmers market is now open.  Not all the farmers are back yet, they’ll come as their crops ripen, but the few of the farmers that have the 1st of what the season has to offer are set up and ready to go.  Today, it has reached 30 degrees here in Toronto, but the farmers are set up in the deep shade of the park  with tables full of lettuce, spinach, cheese and herbs. 

Because it’s so warm here today and because we’ve decided to do at least 1 vegetarian meal a week (I’m going to try to bump it up to at least 2 – if you have a great recipe please send it to me!) tuesdays are our day.  I’ve decided to do the spinach, mushroom and green onion tart that I found a few months ago and we’ve fallen in love with.   I need spinach for the tart, so it’s amazing that it’s one of the early crops.
I always spend more money than I should when I visit the market but everything looks so good and fresh I can’t resist.  The cheese lady is back and I bought some hard sheep’s milk cheese from her that will be great in a salad, she doesn’t have the great lemon cream cheese yet but she promised that in a few weeks there will be lots.   I bought some herbs for my garden here and for the cottage, spinach for the tart, asparagus, multi coloured beets and the “impulse” buy, a bunch of radishes.  Wonderful, and I carried them home in a beautiful Cath Kidson bag that my friend Nikki sent me from England that arrived in the mail today. Excellent timing Nik!
As I’ve mentioned before I love the farmers markets, I do seem to spend more but I love that I can get produce that was picked that morning, short of having my own garden this is the best thing.  This market has a strong leaning towards organic however there are loads of markets that are local farmers and that’s just as good.  Sherway Gardens Mall has a local market on Fridays they set up in the parking lot and the farmers come in from all over, I love peach season here since they come directly from Niagara with the best of Ontario fruit.
This is the only thing I desperately miss when I go to the cottage, although they have a wonderful little market there and the farmers are trying their best there really isn’t anything better than Ontario fruit and veg.  I hope that you have time to explore your local farmers market, they seem to be springing up all over the place, and it’s so nice to have fresh, organic, and or locally grown food.  I can’t wait to see what the season has to offer us.
Happy “fooding”,
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