Organized? ME?!?

It’s sunday morning and my sweetie is off to work, again, so I have the whole day to putter around the house.  I should be working on my front garden, which looks as close to a jungle as you can get in an urban setting.  However, I’m just not really into it this morning.  The neighbourhood is still very quiet although I can hear a  few people moving around.  One of the neighbourhood cats is trying to crawl into everyone’s back yard, much to the horror of our kitties.  Our girls are beginning to recognize that the sound of a little bell is the sound of a cat about to encroach on their territory.  The island airport is giving flying lessons this morning so the little planes are buzzing lazily in the bright blue sky, a picture perfect morning.

It’s been a very quiet week, I managed to get quite a bit done around the house more, in fact, than I’ve done in quite a while. Our back yard is now full of beautiful little white impatients and my herbs are coming along. I even managed to get the house cleaned, a huge feat for me lately.  I guess I’m getting the place in order so that I can feel that I’m not leaving things undone when I go away to the cottage.  Although someone will be moving in to make sure the house is looked after, a certain amount of unfinished projects have to be completed.  I’m tackling my office this week.

The fact that I originally had plans to help my cousin this past week, that fell through, was actually a gift to me.  Usually, I end up filling my week with a bunch of errands that “have to be done” or “I think have to be done”.  This week, I didn’t have those errands to worry about and I ended up getting  my house in order.  I feel very good about this and have decided that I’m going to spend this new week in a similar way. 

I’ve been putting off dealing with my office.  Instead of putting aside 1 day, I’m going to spend my week cleaning it out, re-filing the important papers that I’ve been stacking in piles and generally making my office usable again.  This was inspired by the fact that there are some important cottage papers I need to find and the only way to do it is to delve into the pile.

Why do you think we do this?  I’m as guilty as everyone else, procrastination could be my middle name.  I put things aside to deal with later, then trip over them for a month or two, then it dawns on me, that I’m not as organized as I think I am.  When I do realize that something must be done, it takes me awhile before I have the energy to actually get started.  At this point, the piles have grown another foot and I’m annoyed when my husband asks me for a paper that I know is somewhere on the desk but is now going to be a treasure hunt to find. 

When I go into other peoples homes and see how clean and neat their places are, I am envious.  There are no papers in a stack on their desks, there’s nothing lurking in the corner waiting for a home and nothing waiting to be carried up or down the stairs, just a serene home with no worries.  The really bad thing is that people think I’m an organized person.  I get things done in a timely and organized way, even my other side business is helping people organize their worlds.  I guess like everything else, it’s easier to deal with other peoples lives than my own. 

Well, NO MORE!  This week is the week that my office gets its spring cleaning, I will be organized by friday, I will have a new filing system in place that makes other systems pale in comparison.  I will find those cottage papers I am in need of or die trying! Well, maybe not die trying but you get the idea.  By the end of this week, I will be an organized person with a clean tidy house and office.  At this point, I’m getting a cleaning lady back, who will, just by her presence, keep me in line.

However, that’s my week beginning tomorrow.  Today, I’m going to putter around the house, read some books, go for a walk, enjoy the peace and quiet and rest up for my busy week.  I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend whatever you’ve decided to do.

Dream Big,


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2 Responses to Organized? ME?!?

  1. Nikki says:

    SNAP!! Guess what I’m doing this week as well!! We’ll be tidy for a while LOL!!

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