Parliament Building London England - the 1 picture I took on my last trip before my camera ran out of batteries

Do you get wanderlust? I do.  Some days it’s so bad that it’s all I can do not to drive myself to the airport and take the 1st plane outta here!  

I guess it’s a form of running away, however, I have specific wanderlust.  Now, if you are familiar with me you might think that I either want to run away to my cottage, something that I will be doing next month, or to some place I can surf.  Although both ideas are incredibly good, for the past 6 to 7 months I’ve wanted to fly back to the UK.   

My friend Nik, lives there with her wonderful husband and 2 boys and has been encouraging me to “pop” over.  Although I would feel bad about kicking one of her son’s out of his bedroom for me to stay in, the temptation is great.  The flights have been fairly reasonable, I just haven’t found the right one, the one that screams “THIS 1, THIS 1!!!”.    

Last spring was the 1st time in 10 years that Nik and I saw each other. I took a few days to go visit her while I was in Paris. We talk on the phone (my husband actually getting Vonage for us because of my long distance friends) and send emails, but it’s not the same as a face to face girly chat.  She’s very good at sending packages, I’m crap at it, but we’ve been friends for a long time and miss each other.  I’m very glad we’ve kept in touch all these years, and I am determined that it won’t be 10 more before we see each other again.  

I’m not sure what this “pull” is to this particular place.  Maybe, the double-decker bus tour that I took last year inspired something in my subconscious to go back for a closer look.  Spending time with Nik and her family was great but short, it could be my addiction to BBC television that has been inspiring me to return.  Whatever it is, it’s definitely pulling me that direction.   

It’s almost like a hollow feeling in my diaphragm, like I can’t catch my breath.  It’s very hard to describe and I’m sure it is different for everyone.  I’ve had this “pull” before and I’m reluctant to ignore it.  In a month we leave for the cottage, not enough time for a side trip to England.  I can always hope, that in the fall, the prices will go down and the timing will be just perfect and I’ll slip over the ocean to merry ol’ England and spend a week with my friend, visiting all the wonderful places in London.  I might even get lucky and my sweetie may come with me.  

There are other places on my wanderlust list.  There are movies that I watch, just to see the scenery of some of the places, it seems to help.   I’ve seen “Letter’s to Juliet” twice now because of its beautiful scenery of Italy. One of my favorite old movies is “A Little Romance” with Sir Laurence Oliver and Diane Lane, it begins in Paris and travels through Italy to Venice.  Every time I see these places, that same hollow feeling hits me and for days I can wander around in a daze while I think about going there.  I’m looking for my keys (where are they?) and mentally calculating my bank balance (not enough).  The closest I get for a while, are virtual tours of the cities and checking the cost of the flights on-line.   

I have promised myself the next time I go to a country where English isn’t the main language, I will learn the language.  In Paris and Brussels I didn’t have problems since they speak French, but Brazil was a challenge.  I will be learning Portuguese for any return trips.  I guess Italian will have to be next on that list.  

I’m always shocked when I meet someone who has no wanderlust, I can’t imagine not wanting to explore and see new places.  To see some of the classic iconic things that we all know about but are in far away places, to me, is what dreams are made of.  I wonder why some of us are born with it and some of us are not, maybe it’s fostered in us when we’re young.  

Whatever the case may be, I am glad that I have it, and the next adventure is always on the verge of beginning.   When it’s over and I’ve fed the wanderlust monster, it will subside for a while, I can stay in my cozy home until the next wave grabs me, Costa Rica anyone?   

Dream Big,  


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2 Responses to Wanderlust

  1. Nikki says:

    I’m waiting with open arms and a son ready to be evicted! Of course you know my wonderlust would bring me straight back to my second home and the country I love so much……………CANADA!

    • Break Free says:

      we can do a double trip…I’ll come and get you in London then bring you back to Canada for a visit! You’ll have to get your passport ready. : )

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