Prince of Persia and The List

The other day I went to see “Prince of Persia”, I really enjoyed this film, it is right up my alley.  There’s action, adventure, a pretty good story that they seem to be able to keep track of, a great villain, a feisty heroine and a smokin’ hot hero.  Since this is a Jerry Bruckheimer movie I had anticipated it to be good, that man seems to turn everything he touches to gold, and there is something about this type of action story that really appeals to me.

What is it about these movies that keep us interested?  Is it the story?  The actors that are in it? The potential of the magic in the story? The CGI effects?  People are becoming more demanding and savvy, that we be truly entertained and when we pay for our ticket, we expect bigger and better than the last time.  

On the TV show “Friends”, the guys started this thing called “the List”, 5 famous people who you could be with that are “freebies”.  Your spouse/girl-boyfriend couldn’t be mad at you or break up with you for sleeping with the people on your list.  Compiling the list, in our house has been a source of  a lot of fun over the years.  My husband and I joke about who’s on each other’s list and what constitutes a “spot” (I hold strong on that “Destiny’s Child” can NOT take 1 spot but have to be broken up into 3!).  He also wants an alternates list (“in the event that your chosen list person is not able to carry out his or her duties an alternate, if available, will be able to sub in”) I’m not buying that either,  I’d like to have a comedian’s list (Seth Meyers would be on that one) but I don’t think he’s going to give me that if I don’t give in on a few of his points.  All in all it’s just good fun. 

The reason I’ve mentioned this list is that I think I’m going to have to put Jake Gyllenhaal on mine and I’m feeling a little awkward about doing this.  Never mind that the boy is smokin’ hot, he’s 29 years old!  I’m going to feel like a cougar to have some one that much younger than me on my list. I think after “Prince of Persia” he’ll be on quite a number of lists around the globe.  Just like I’m sure, his co-star, Gemma Arterton is making it on to a few.   

However, is it really Jake Gyllenhaal that I should be putting on this list or is it “Prince Dastan” that should have a place on it?

I remember sitting in an Appleby’s just after the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy came out, having dinner with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  We were having a conversation on precisely this point.  Kelly and I were trying to explain to her husband that it’s not really the actor that you fall for, but what the actor brings to the character and who the character is.  I think this is why people get so disappointed to find out the actors are just human and not the characters they portray.  I guess that makes them good actors, that they’ve made us believe that who they’re playing is actually a part of who they are, permanently.

There’s also the fact that we want and need large heroes that really don’t exist like in the movies.  Parts of them do, there are people who stand up for what is right when they see a wrong, there are heroes who against all odds manage to make the right choices.  We don’t live the circumstance that the movies do, the whole point of the picture is to make you lose yourself in the grandeur of the story, that’s what makes is so appealing.  In our world, there are everyday people who either take something from these movies and make it part of their being or inspire the movies we fall in love with.

I think I’m going to have to change my list from “actors and other famous people” to “Characters and famous people”.  Adding of course, that the “characters” should look like the actors who portrayed them.   As I was mentioning in “Letters to Juliet” people love the story so much they’ve made parts of it real but could the characters, if real, sustain that pressure? The pressure of the “One True Love”.

I guess my point is, that I went to the movies the other day and fell for a smokin’ hot guy, “Prince Dastan” who looks a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal.  Go see the movie it’s a great OTT picture and a lot of fun.  

Dream Big,


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