Exploding Eggs

EGGS……This morning we found out how to explode an egg. 

We were going to meet our friends for a late brunch at the Sunset Grill, a great breakfast place here in TO.  They called and had to move our brunch to a late lunch.  So we decided to have soft-boiled eggs and fruit to tide us over until then.

I made the fruit plate and tea while he manned the eggs.  We sat down to watch SNL from last night and have breakfast.  I cracked the top off my 1st egg, it was soft alright, a little too soft, the whites were still clear.  My sweetie had this great idea  “why don’t we just pop the open ones into the microwave?”. 

That was our 1st mistake. 

He popped the eggs in to the microwave and punched in the time, a few seconds later there was a loud BANG as the eggs exploded all over the place.  In hindsight I wish I had thought to take a picture, it was pretty gross, it would have made a great photo-op for this blog.

One of the eggs was cooked perfectly, but the other 1, although the top had been removed it wasn’t enough and was now covering the ENTIRE inside of the microwave.  Bright yellow and white coated the stainless steel like a bad ’80’s sponge effect.  My husband, standing there with a very shocked look on his face.  He had just realized his mistake of punching in 2 minutes instead of 20 seconds and was reaching for the door to stop the cooking when it exploded.

It’s not very often that my cool, collected husband is surprised like that, and he must have laughed for a good 5 minutes.

I grabbed my trusty computer, punched in “how to clean a microwave” and found “Wikihow” a take off from “wikipedia”.  I now have a squeaky clean microwave, it hasn’t looked this good since we got it.  In the future, I’m not taking any chances, I’ll be making my eggs the old-fashioned way, boiled in a pot.

The moral of this tale? Make sure your husband knows how to tell time BEFORE you let him microwave eggs!

Bon Appetit,


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