Shopping with Emma

Saturday morning I was planning my day when the phone rang, it was my friend Emma.  Unless we have predetermined plans we usually don’t see each other on the weekends.  Her and her husband’s social life has me in awe most days.  Do you have friends like this? I seem to have a few, friends that are so busy that you wonder when they have time to pee?

Emma is at the age where all her friends are getting married, I think she said they have 7 weddings this year, that’s crazy, however I remember my sweetie and I going through the same thing eons ago.  The last person whose voice I expected to hear on Saturday morning was hers.  I know she had a wedding this weekend and 2 rehearsal dinners, busy.  But she sounded a little board and we had been planning to go purse shopping so when I mentioned it she jumped at the chance. 

My friend is a wonderful shopper and because I hate shopping I am very easily talked into things just so I can get out of the store, dangerous combo.  We ended up in Oakville Mall, there is an accessories store that she loves there and as I mentioned, I needed a purse.  After about 40 minutes we had 8 purses to narrow down from, there were big ones and small ones, black ones and tan ones. Lots and lots of purses.  We finally pared it down to 2, 1 navy Tony Hilfiger bag and a cute little red one and of course the “impulse” buy, tortoise-shell coloured sunglasses.  It could have been worse, there was a stunning pair of Gucci shoes that I feel in love with, and for the low-cost of $400 they coulda been mine!!

Sometimes a girly shopping day is needed.  I spend quite a bit of time to myself that sometimes I forget that girls are supposed to do this, we’re supposed to go and ooh and ahh over things like purses and shoes.  I think you’re even supposed to try on clothes (I hate doing that and as previously mentioned that involves a whole ritual). 

Of course the best type of shopping is in Tiffany’s, where you get to see all the sparkly things.  I have to take a necklace in to be repaired next week, I’m a little worried that I’ll get mesmerized by the sparkly pretty things and never make it out of the store.

I always spend too much money when I go out shopping with Emma. I always have some form of buyers regret, which later I realize is just guilt over spending the money. I always end up with great things to add to my wardrobe, and I ALWAYS have a great time spending the day with yet, another of my amazing friends.  

Please practice safe shopping,


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