Do you ever get the feeling that your city is trying to kick you out?  I’m beginning to get the feeling that Toronto City council has discovered a new way to save money, make everyone in the city move to a different region for the duration of the summer.

We live in the west end of the city, near Trinity Bellwoods Park, now in Toronto we laughingly call our seasons, “Fall”, “Winter”, “Spring” and “Construction” because of all the construction that begins in the late spring and continues on until the 1st snow, late in the fall.  However this year I think they have set some kind of new record.

My husband and I love the area we live in, we have the park and a ton of amenities surrounding us, lots of things in easy reach, 1 of those things is how close we are to the major highways.  We can drive down Strachan Ave be on the Lakeshore in 5 minutes which then gets us to the Gardner Express Way which then feeds into either the QEW or the Don Valley Parkway.  At the beginning of the summer the Don Valley closes down for a number of weekends for repairs and for the bike ride. Yes it’s cool riding your bike on the DVP, however NOT so cool if  you actually have to be somewhere that uses the DVP as the route. This happens for 3 – 4 weekends in the Spring.  Right now, trying to get to the QEW, to travel west, is a challenge.

All my short cuts have construction on them, King Street, Queen St and Dundas are all being ripped up simultaneously for, I think, TTC tracks.  Both Jameson on ramps have been closed for construction (On and off east and west) which promotes challenges once you take an alternate exit because you can end up on 1 of the aforementioned roads that are being torn up. Now, they’ve closed most of the down town core for the G20.

I guess it’s our turn to host and I understand that each country involved needs to take a turn. However, does anyone coordinate these things?  I’m beginning to believe that the people who sit on the boards that plan these projects live outside of the city and only use the train or subway.  Apparently, this mess doesn’t seem to affect them.

Our neighbour works down by the CN tower, her entire company of 2000 people have been told to work from home that week.  My other friend has been told the same thing.  My cousin had to go through the security screening because he works in a building that can not be completely closed and core staff needs to be in attendance.  Not only that, but they’ve all been given heightened security lists for “just in case” scenarios.  TTC cars will all be routed away from this core area, none of them are permitted to pass through the area and they have begun to erect fences around this blocked off area. I’ve even  heard that the Gardner Express Way will be closed, not sure if it’s just the off ramps or if they will close the entire road, because of how close it travels by the area where the G20 will be held.  The really annoying thing about all this, is that it begins on Monday the 21st, the G20 doesn’t begin until the 25 but for the 4 days previous to the beginning the entire city will be thrown into chaos.

I’m lucky I work from home I won’t be moving around the city next week, I’ve already decided I’m spending my time here and NOT going anywhere.  I think even my usual route to yoga maybe blocked so I’ll have to find an alternate. Ridiculous since I live quite a distance from the central area and my yoga class is north but I’ve heard that College street will be closed to traffic and I need to pass over it in the morning on my way to Bloor.

It seems to me that the board either want us to stay in our homes for the entire summer or leave the city.  I’m not sure if it’s a conspiracy or incredibly bad planning but I’m really tempted to pack the girls up and head on out to the cottage early.   Maybe everything is falling apart at the same time and needs to be fixed all at once, you know, like your appliances when the warranty runs out they break?  Maybe the streets of TO are like this, naaa I think it’s the usual bad planning to blame.

Be careful out there, it’s crazy!


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