Head Stand!!

This mornings yoga class was 1 of the really great ones for me.  My sweetie is still on nights for the duration of the week, he came home at 330 am and I’ve been awake since.  I got up for yoga and thought, although I’m really tired, I know that after I do this class I’m going to feel really great, and I do!

Pat has been working us towards head stand for the past week now and today, for the 1st time since I was a teenager, I actually made it up into the pose.  I just lifted my leg up and it took the other one with it, and before I knew it I was in the pose holding the count with everyone else who’d made it up.  Now, we were doing this against the wall so I had support, what a feeling.  I had forgotten how light and strong this makes you feel.  I experimented with sliding my shoulder blades up and down my back making my weight move from the top of my head to being distributed to my forearms.  Doing this also enables me to breathe easier, since when I go upside down for any length of time my breasts roll towards my chin, in some cases making it very hard to breath, there’s also the danger on some days that I’ll fall out of my top.

We then did supported baddha Konasana (bound angle pose) which, last week I had a panic moment in when I did the strap up to tight between my ankles and my back and I began to get claustrophobic half way through the time .  This week I made sure the strap wasn’t on to tight, I relaxed into the pose and let myself go.  We did  this for 20 minutes today, I found alsorts of thoughts winging their way through my mind, but it became almost like a meditation where they were able to move on and I could hear my breath grounding me. 

I came out of this pose to find that I was only 1 of 3 students left in the room and that I was completely refreshed and feeling wonderful.  This is the reason I go to yoga.  Not only does it help with toning and weight loss but it gives me something extra that you just don’t get from a cardio class.  Except for swimming, where it can become a “swimming meditation” when  you’re doing lengths.  You have to be very present, if you let your attention wander you forget what number length you’re on.  However, if you concentrate on counting and making your breaths even it is very much a meditation. Now that I’ve discovered that  the pool has longer distance swim hours on 4 mornings I can combine it with my yoga classes and feel extra good for the day. 

It feels very good to rediscover a part of me that I haven’t seen in years, I can’t wait to try head stand again.



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One Response to Head Stand!!

  1. If I did a head stand at this point in my life I’m sure my neck would disappear down into my chest cavity and never come out again.
    Good for you for being able to do this!!
    Mary Anne

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