World Cup 2010

I enjoy the FIFA World Cup games, I don’t really follow football throughout the year however my husband is really interested in it, having played when he was teenager.  My experience with soccer was in TMS when we (the 4 girls) were used on the teams so that there would be enough players.  They put us on defence and the one time I did manage to stop a very fast ball, it was with my face.  That was the end of my aspirations for football for a while.  So our TV watching turns to world cup watching, preferring to see the countries compete rather than the individual teams, somehow it seems more exciting.

I love knowing that every year the same teams are consistent in their ways. The Italians and Portuguese seem to have the corner on “DRAMA“, heaven forbid someone brush by one of them, they’re on the ground screaming like little girls (since I’m a girl I can say this!).  The English seem very stoic and every once in a while you see the “enforcer”.  This is the guy that looks like he could really do you harm – we have them in hockey apparently they’re actually called “defenders”, scary what ever word you use.  The Argentinians are all great looking, the fact that they can all play very well is an added bonus for me since I get to admire them while I watch. The Germans are like tanks moving up and down the field, very precise and the Aussies feel a little like the loose cannon, you never know what their planning.  The Netherlands in their bright orange play a precision game but the Brazilians, what can be said about them, they’re just fabulous!   I don’t actually have a favorite team, by the time the semi’s are here I’ll have chosen who I’m rooting for to win but until then I usually cheer for the underdog.   

I’ve enjoyed watching the other countries this year as well, Cameroon, Korea, Greece, South Africa, USA, Chile among the few. I love the fact that some of them are not expected to do very well and have come out and given the stronger more experienced teams a good run for their money, it makes for a more interesting match.

However, I do have 1 thing that I need someone to explain to me.  Yesterday morning, Portugal won over North Korea, the score was 7-0.  We live in Little Portugal in Toronto, the game was broadcast here early in the morning. This is the part that I need help with, what makes someone to walk out of their house, or where ever they’ve been watching the game, and drive around an honk their horns? For 7 hours? Ok, I do understand a little why you’d go out and celebrate for a while, but I went to run errands at 230 yesterday afternoon and they were still out driving and honking.  Now that’s dedication, and this isn’t the big game yet!  When Italy and either Portugal or Brasil get into the finals it can get very scary round the ‘hood, since we live 2 blocks south of Little Italy, lots of honking that day.

Just like hockey (our national sport) it seems more exciting to see the players having national pride for their countries.  I know I cheered LOUDLY for Team Canada in the Olympics this year (as I do every time) and I can imagine how wonderful it feels to have your star player back from his year league, playing for his country’s pride.  I heard after the Olympics this year, Sidney Crosby was booed when he got back to the Pittsburg Penguins, they didn’t like the fact that we won the gold.  Sour grapes if you ask me, they would have lorded it over him had he lost and they won. 

I’m looking forward to the rest of the games, maybe someone we didn’t expect to win will this year…that would certainly be an upset wouldn’t it? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens, the ultimate reality TV.



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2 Responses to World Cup 2010

  1. Nikki says:

    You should be here with Mark who is in World Cup Coma!! As for England they need to seriously step up their game especially after the very poor effort they have been putting in. But yes it would be lovely to see one of the under dogs win for a change.

    • Break Free says:

      As I understand it there is a very small chance that they might not make it through…..that would be a VERY bad thing…wouldn’t wanna be in their shoes if that happens! LOL!

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