Weird Weekend with the G20

It has been a weird weekend.

 The G8 & G20 happened here in town and the whole city went crazy.  There were people protesting, windows of businesses have been broken, police cars set on fire and tear gas was used. This is Toronto! These things don’t happen here, we are a polite, calm city with intelligent, educated people living here. I have no idea who these people on the news are but they’re not my fellow Torontonians.  I understand that these summits are a hot button issue, but do these violent protesters really believe that this is the way to make these leaders change their minds? Not a proud moment to be a Torontonian.

The federal government decided to have the G20 here in Toronto, however did not give the city of Toronto a choice on where it would be held.  Instead, the city had to close down our downtown streets, inconveniencing residents and businesses never mind money-making festivals (Jazz Festival) that are a solid part of our tourist season.  This summit would have been accommodated far more effectively in such places as Downsview or the CNE grounds, where there are security protocols in place already and the general public would not have to be inconvenienced.

I know I’m not the only one to have these thoughts or blogged about this today.

On a personal level, my sweetie had the weekend off and we’ve had a wonderful time.  We went to see the new Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie “Knight & Day”, it was great! I’m not really a huge Tom Cruise fan, however he was fabulous in this movie and the chemistry between him and Cameron was wonderful.  Of course, I love her acting she has such great comedic timing, I would highly recommend this movie. 

We fought our way over to Yorkville on Friday to have haircuts, did a little shopping, had a wonderful lunch then came home and watched the football games and ate sushi.  Saturday we hung around the house and watched football before going to our friends place for a long-planned dinner – which we completely over stayed our welcome at, but was so much fun.  Sunday, it was croissants and football, a simply perfect weekend.  While the rest of Toronto seemed to explode, we managed to have a great weekend together, the 1st in a long time, since he’s been working so much this year.

I guess that’s the way life is, huge ups and downs, and it’s all about how we handle them and work them into our lives that becomes important.  I know quite a few people who ventured into the fray this weekend and a few that just left town.  I applaud those who were brave enough to stand up for a cause that they believe in, I hope that they were not the idiots who set police cars on fire and were violent to others, since this tactic doesn’t accomplish anything.  Like the giant snow storm where Mayor Mel Lastman called in the army to dig out the city, this is also going to down in the books as a bad Toronto decision. One we’ll be reminded of, not in a good way,  for a long time to come.  I really hope the G20 doesn’t come back, we can’t afford it.

Dream Big,


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3 Responses to Weird Weekend with the G20

  1. Nikki says:

    I know, so sad to see this happen in quiet, laid back Toronto. We have this kind of thing often in London and the same thing here, the idiots that cause the chaos are not local! Hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

    • Break Free says:

      We’re finding out now how badly our police acted as well, it’s a very sad thing that happened here this weekend and I hope we never have a repeat of it.

  2. Nikki says:

    P.S. Glad you guys had a lovely weekend x

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