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Some days I want to write a blog but don’t have anything to write about.  WordPress (the people who run this blog site) have suggested a new website to give bloggers ideas, it’s called Plinky.  Today I feel like writing but unless I want to write another blog about the yoga class I went to this morning, which was a great class incidentally, I thought I’d give the suggestions on the site a chance. 

I signed up and started looking through the questions.  This one seems very timely considering that “Twilight – Eclipse” opens tomorrow.  I thought I’d give it a whirl.

In the seemingly endless war between Vampires and werewolves which side are you on? 

I read a lot of vampire and werewolf books, if you’d like some recommendations please just let me know, I read teen books, adult books, romance books, all about vampires and werewolves.  In some cases they work together, in some cases they are the villan hunting each other.  In all cases, those of us who read these books, are completely immersed in their worlds. 

Vampire and Werewolf basics 101:

The TV series (originally a movie) “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was the first type of main stream exposure that some people had to this world, apart from “Dracula”.  This was the 1st time we were offered a tragic hero in Angel, the flawed vampire with a soul, who can’t help but fall in love with the slayer and her with him.  Of course, who wouldn’t want a couple of hundred years old gorgeous man who looks 25, telling you he’s been waiting all his life just to find you and only you. The things he’s had to overcome to be with you and the personal challenges that he’ll continue to have to overcome to be around you, like not ripping  your throat out and draining all your blood until you die, are incredibly hot.  

Vampires are considered “dead”, cold, soulless and vicious and can only be “made” into the creature and will live forever only killed by going out into the sun, a stake to the heart, fire or head severing.  Sunlight, garlic, crosses, holy water and fire are the bane of the vampires existence.  However, some like Angel and the vampires in True Blood have compassion and morals on their side and are quite compelling.  Bit of  ‘Motorcycle Bad Boy’ image with these guys.

Werewolves don’t have the track record that vampires do.  They’ve always been viewed as the bad guys.  There was a very short-lived series on TV a few years ago called “Wolf Lake”.  Ironically staring Paul Wesley, who now plays Stefan Salvatore, one of the 2 vampire brothers, in the “Vampire Diaries”, that maybe would have made werewolves as popular as vampires but it was a little before it’s time.  The basic myths  surrounding werewolves are that they live longer than normal humans, they change into anything from a half man/wolf combo to an actual wolf, and their body temperature runs the same as a wolf’s at 108 degrees. 

Werewolves can be born this way or made this way. Of course, the traditional werewolf legend has them only being able to turn at the full moon, but like vampires the myths and traditions are changing to allow for more flexibility for story lines. Werewolves can die like normal humans although they can recover and heal from a great deal of injuries and sickness that humans can not and silver in any form to them can be lethal.  These guys are more the ‘Outdoorsey’ type of bad boys.

Vampires and werewolves both have a “group” that they report to. Vampires have “makers” and werewolves have a pack leader much like a normal wolf pack. 

The question posed, is whose side are you on?  Over all my years of “research” I’d have to say I’m on the werewolves side.  As much as I love the vampires, their strength and sex appeal, I think you can live a much more “normal” life as a werewolf, and for some reason these guys are WAY hotter than the vamps! Have you seen Taylor Lautner and the ‘pack’ oh, and the other werewolf actors as well?!?

All kidding aside, I think if I had to make a choice on which creature to become or live with I would pick the werewolves.  Who wants to live forever? a little longer would be nice. Besides, on a cold winters night who would you rather curl up with a “cold marble statue” or your very own heater?  

I guess this means I’m “Team Jacob”


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