Margarita Party

Last evening was the Tattersall Sound and Picture annual Margarita party.  I missed it last year because I was at the cottage so I was really looking forward to this years get together.  I dolled myself up in “film chic”, jeans, a nice top and high-heeled sandles and caught the streetcar over to King and Ontario. 

A few new things this year, we had to be on the list and wear a name tag, and the 1st bar was set up just outside the facility in the hall…..actually worked well, I had a margarita in my hand pronto.  I saw a whole bunch of people who I haven’t seen in AGES.  Found out that my former boss is a wonderful painter, who knew? Made plans with people who say their coming to the island this summer, I think a few actually will and made some dinner/ coffee plans for September.

When I go to these parties there’s always someone who asks me what I’ve been up to.  I usually dread this question, since my career has ground to a bit of a pause.  However this year I was able to say that I’m working on a story/book/script. I’m not totally clear on which format it will end up being, right now I’m just getting it on paper.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much encouragement I received to write this piece.  I got great advice from friends who are editors, who have written their own scripts.  Advice on how you basically have to put your bum in the seat and write for at least and hour everyday, same advice that I had, coincidently, read in an article from a magazine that I had picked up yesterday, talk about noticing the repetitious signs that the universe sends you.  Also, advice on getting large pieces of paper to tack to the walls around you with different categories on it so whenever a thought arises you can write it down.  When I mentioned that I was doing this in the computer,that I had lots of pages open on my desktop to reflect this very idea, the person said “yes but this is BIGGER, it makes you think bigger”.  AH! What a great idea.  I guess the walls at the cottage will have some new decorations this year.

I caught up with people on what their families are up to.  I’ve told my former boss, the painter,  that I never want to hear how old his kids are again, his youngest having been born the year I began working for him, and is now 15.  I had a chance to see my friend, Amanda’s new tattoos, and catch up on the fact that she married, divorced and has a new guy and house since we last saw each other.  Our other friend, Julie, gave birth to her 2nd child and was sent home within 5 hours, that less time than it takes to go out for dinner and a movie.  Other friends have changed jobs, some are leaving their current jobs, some have switched within the industry, and others are moving onto the next project.  Everyone was happy, for the first time in a long time, the film industry seems to be buzzing again.

These are a great bunch of people to spend time with, their fun, creative and know how to party.  My sweetie and I finally escaped around 930.  I use that word because he decided to go out the far door.  This meant walking through the folks that were hanging on to the end, you always end up seeing someone who you haven’t had the chance to speak with all night so it takes you half an hour to get 20 feet. 

There’s also some creepy things that happen at this time.  Jane, my husband’s business partner and I were talking and this very strange woman came up,  interrupted and introduced herself to Jane.  She wasn’t on the guest list, she actually told us that, we have no idea how she got in, but apparently she has a music clearance business.  She was very intense and incredibly creepy, I would think twice about hiring her.  We both agreed that it was a disturbing chat.

A wonderful evening catching up with great friends.   Thanks to Tattersall for having an annual margarita party.  I’m looking forward to next years!



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