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The Moon

For the past 4 nights the moon has been here, full, bright and shining on the water.  It is one of the most beautiful sights that I see in this place.  It hangs, huge, just above the island in the … Continue reading

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Last night my husband asked me what I was going to do today (friday).  I had to pause and think about how to answer him, how do  you tell someone who has flown back 1000 kms to work for 3 weeks … Continue reading

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Rhythms of the cottage

We’ve been at the cottage for just over a week, as a matter of fact my sweetie goes home tomorrow for his 3 weeks of bachelorhood.  The 10 days have just flown by.  I’m testing the strength of our new … Continue reading

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The “Ambler” hunt

It is well hidden, but I’ll give you a clue. You just need to “ambler” along between the kitchen and the back windows and look down This was the sentence that an older cousin of mine sent me via email after spending a … Continue reading

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The Cottage….AT LAST!

We arrived at the cottage late Saturday night all of us exhausted, well, all of us except for Prairie, who slept the whole way.  Tabitha, of course, spent her time whining at us and at some point, early on decided … Continue reading

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Cats to the cottage

A  lot of people are always surprised that we take our cats with us to our cottage.  They ask us how do we get them there? and how well do they travel?  So I thought since we’re leaving for the cottage tomorrow night, … Continue reading

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The Old Table

New lease on life Blue Table Last night my friend Patty, my husband and I were sitting on a patio in Little Italy having a drink.  Its been stinkin’ hot here in TO for the past few days and it doesn’t … Continue reading

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