1st day on my own

Today is my 1st tuesday in 6 months where I wasn’t rushing out the door at 630am to make it to yoga class.  I did manage to get my self out of bed and on to the back deck to do my own practice and by 7am I was beginning sun salutations. It was quite nice to have that extra 40 minutes of bed time.  The girls joined me for a little while, but they were more interested in being fed than doing yoga, so I was abandoned fairly early on. 

It’s quite hot here in Toronto temperatures reaching 34 degrees today, 41 with the humidity, within 10 minutes I was reaching for my little towel.  As I moved through sun A’s and on to B’s, my mind was trying to convince my body that it didn’t really want to do this, my body, used to this movement in the morning, ignored my mind and carried on with the poses. I was incredibly proud of myself that I didn’t allow my brain to talk me out of practicing.  

Pat always says that yoga is a breathing excercise and if you get into a pose and find that you’re not breathing that you should back away from the pose until you can.  I’m finding that my panic attacks at 3am have been greatly reduced since I began practicing again, even if I do wake up I seem to be able to ward off the actually panic.  I hadn’t realized this until I read an article the other day that cited a study that has proven that consistent practice can reduce these symptoms. It’s all about the breathing technique.  I try to think about this while my brain is attempting to sabotage my practice.

Doing yoga on the deck in the morning is a completely different experience than being in the studio.  The birds were talking and moving around in the big ash tree in our back yard, the squirrels were running up and down confused that they couldn’t get to my pots to dig up their nuts that they’ve hidden below my flowers.  The next door neighbour picked this time to sort out, what can only be, a years worth of cans for the recycling pick up.  People were leaving for work, their cars driving up and down the alley.  The only thing missing was the guy 2 doors down who has a chopper, thank goodness for small favors, that thing is loud!

I found that I wasn’t as fluid as Pat’s classes, even though I tried to use some of the little sequences that she does.  I set the timer on my Ipod for an hour but I was finished about 10 minutes short of that.  Although I tried to hold my poses for double the count that I usually do for some reason I was still coming up short, either I wasn’t holding them for as long as I think or I didn’t do as many poses.  It’s going to be a challenge to make my home practice a little longer, so that I don’t feel that I’m missing something.  I took a 10  minute savasana then a 10 minute meditation.  I tried to take 10 minutes, Prairie decided she wanted to join me, so my husband slid open the door to let her out, bringing me out of meditation a little earlier than I would have liked.  She actually just wanted to know why both parents were home and upstairs in the kitchen and she wasn’t being fed, a common cat problem. 

I’m glad that the past 6 months have given me the basis for a routine to do this and as I’ve mentioned before, once I get to the cottage I’d like to up my yoga practice to 3-4 times a week.    I was planning on joining the fitness centre in the town close to us so that I can swim a few times a week, this facility also offers cardio classes, has fitness equipment , weights and last year there was 1 yoga class a week.  I tried to go twice, to this class but the 1st time the teacher was away and no one had told the girl at the front desk and the 2nd time, well I can’t actually remember why I didn’t make the 2nd time.  Since it’s included with the pass maybe I’ll try, again, to do the class this summer.

I’m looking forward to being by the ocean and breathing, only 4 more days!



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